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"Jam" Issues

Wed Sep 30, 2020 9:45 pm

Need some help here because I'm up against a wall on this and I posted this on FB
I have a Creality CR-X Dual color printer and I have been using S3D for over a year now on this printer.
Last month I upgraded my hotend to a E3D V6
Soldered all connections
Used he E3D heater and thermister
Stared printing again with no issues for over a month
Just this week I have had issues with my printer getting a "jam" and stops printing.
I re-sliced the model that was made in MasterCam several times with the same result....."jam" at around 3 to 4mm in height.
So I went and sliced the model in a free software I have and the print completed with no issues
So I went back to S3D, deleted the profile that I have used for over a year and made a new one, re-sliced it, printed just fine
A few days later I'm getting the same issue......S3D will not let my printer complete a print??
I have version 4.1.2 for S3D
My computer is new since last November:
HP Envy w/ Windows 10 Touch Screen
Intel Core I 7
X 64 Processor
If this happens again I'm going to use my old PC and slice it and see what happens but if ANYONE can shed some light on this I would be grateful

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Re: "Jam" Issues

Fri Oct 02, 2020 6:59 pm

What material are you printing?
Jams are typically caused by two main problems:
Heat creep up the pipe with a weak heatsink fan.
Excessive retracts and/or retracting too far.

When printing PLA I added a second 30mm fan to my Cyclops head, one didn't cut it.
Retracting too far will eventually allow melty plastic up into the cool section and you have a disassembly party to fix it.
When printing silk PLA, I have to minimize the frequency of retracts because eventually the d$%#! filament will chill and form "dumbbell" shape preventing forward or backward motion. This jam fixes itself though without a rebuild thankfully.

We could give better advice if you said what print head, filament, temperature and type of model you are printing.

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