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Using Pause on Control Interface

Sun Oct 11, 2020 10:53 am

Hi all, Im printing tethered to S3D with my Ender 5 Pro.
I understand how to use S3D to stop at a desired height to change filament colours or for some other task, however I am looking to be able to pause "on the fly" as it were as If suddenly i realise my filament is going to run out or I just want to for some reason.
Having the print head stop on the job obviously leaves a massive blob and isn't what anyone wants during a pause for whatever reason.
I don't have a filament runout sensor nor do I have the advanced park feature in Marlin currently due to board space.
So my question is....

When I Press the pause button on the control interface, either whilst printing from drip fed information from the computer or SD card the printer does indeed stop, if I press the resume button, the printer does indeed continue with all 4 steppers continuing as they should and the print completes.

When I press pause and move X Y & Z to a safe location to perform my task "on the fly", when I press resume all 3 axis X Y & Z return to the correct positions without homing, and continue the print movements.
My problem is that the extruder does not. The Extruder ejects filament, around 100mm and so the next few layers don't contain plastic so the print fails.

At no point do I move the Extruder Motor whilst Paused, manually or through the interface.
Whilst Paused X Y & Z are moved using the Interface Controls, NOT Manually.

When the extruder fails to play ball, it backs out around 100mm of filament, remains locked i.e power to it, cant spin the manual wheel, and it makes random movements back and forth none of which are moves i would expect watching the print.

I fail to understand how 3 axis can return to the print, in perfect location and continue but the extruder goes rogue, and only if I move X Y or Z.

All help is appreciated, I need to understand why this is happening and what I can do to be able to use the pause effectively, because if you cant move the print head whats the point in having them.


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Re: Using Pause on Control Interface

Mon Oct 12, 2020 3:13 pm

Can you clarify if you're having issues with the Simplify3D machine control panel's pause function or that of the Ender 5 Pro's own printer controls?
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