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Stranger Prints from Newbiew

Mon Oct 12, 2020 4:39 pm

Dear all,

I'm new with 3D printing and own a Creality CR20 Pro and (I think like every beginner) I'm struggling around with all those settings.
Because I saw that the Simplify3D Slicer has more possibilities to set and track the results, I've started now with this one.

One of my problems currently is, that a piece (bottom.jpg) is printed well from the Slicer from Creality itself, but not with the Simplify3D (in this version it looks like the extruder wanted to press separatly on the piece on each plate) and I can't find whre I've to change the settings. I've played already around with amount of Top Layers and Extrusion Mulltiplier, but so far no good result.

And a second question is: in the wall (WAll*.jpg's), at the end it's a house for the train layout) I made three 1mm wholes, I can see them in the Modell, but in the Preview not. I've printed that Modell already from the Creality Slicer and the wholes have not been printed (ok, wholes could not be printed :-) there were no wholes :-)
Do I have to make also special settings for that?

Hope someone can give me a hint what I can do.

Thanks a lot and cheers

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Re: Stranger Prints from Newbiew

Wed Oct 14, 2020 3:31 pm

Can you please attach your Factory File (File > Save Factory File As...)?
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