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Launch S3D in Ubuntu

Mon Dec 28, 2020 5:35 pm

I have 2 issues

1st one - I have a shortcut for S3D on my desktop, when I try to start the software with that I get an error - The system is missing OpenSSL support and cannot continue. When I run from the terminal using the suggested, easiest method,
I get another error - The account has already been linked to the maximum number of allowed installation Please uninstall the software from one of your previous installations before proceeding. I found this on the support pages:

The easiest way to open Simplify3D on your Linux machine is to open a Terminal and cd to the installation directory. Then type the following command:

sudo ./

This ensures that Simplify3D will be able to correctly access the serial port for your printer and will have the necessary permissions for saving your application preferences.

After I login to my account - and delete one of the installations the software will run and seem normal. I used the on 4.1 version, but started having this issue on Version 4.1.2. on Ubuntu 20.4.1.

I am assuming that since I am able to launch the program from the terminal OpenSSL is installed and working. It is also a bit frustrating to delete an installation (I only have one computer) . A resolution for either one of these issues would be much appreciated.

Thank you

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