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How to avoid hot spot melting plastic around

Mon Dec 28, 2020 6:33 pm

Is there a feature to locate possible hot spot and fix it?
The hot spot means the nozzle repeats printing on a small area. Heat accumulated and melt the structure. For example, print a simple round disc using circular outer Infill. The centre will easily be overheated and melted. We may of course use a rectilinear infill to fix it. But when we are dealing with a complex geometry, we may not be able to change the infill easily. We may not even aware at the beginning until the problematic print out being made.
Or, when we print small tips with a small hole at the center, say diameter 1.5mm, the material around the hole will be overheated and melted. Blocked the hole. I made 5 tips. 3 round tips and 2 square tips with different settings. Glied on a plate for photos. It should be a square hole at the square tips but the result was not a sqaure. Had a tear drop like distortion. Some of the round holes at the round tips were blocked.
I attached several pictures for reference. I burred the background detail in one of the photos.

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