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Slicer widening a gap I don't want widened ???

Sat Jan 09, 2021 12:06 am

I came up with a way to make complex multi surface vase mode prints. it works very well.

in this particular print I am running into a wee issue. in the inside to outside "cut" I need that to be a solid joint (IE 0 gap) so it melts together.

so I sliced it with a sliced it with a slice 0.05mm thick. but the slicer seems to be "adding" spacing between the extrusions. is there a setting that is doing this? something like horizontal expansion (that is off) that I can adjust? I want those two extrusions to touch essentially but I need the slice for the vase pathing geometry.

HOW THIN can i make the slice and have it honor the opening in the gcode pathing? I already have thin wall and 100% overlapp enable or some of these the slicer ignores and "joins" which I don't want as that breaks vase mode. some cuts are great some cuts are a "gap" for some reason. I can't figure our what setting if any is messing with the gaps.

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