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The print freeze or move to the bed border

Thu Jan 14, 2021 8:22 pm


I'm using Simplify3D V4.1.2 in Windows 10. During print, the printer freezes randomly for a second or moves the extruder to the bed border and returns to print.

In the case of movement to border, the log shows it:
READ: ok
SENT: G1 X146.314 Y67.973 E8.4475
READ: ok
SENT: G1 X146.801 Y67.409 E8.4921
Unknown command: "194X161.111 Y70.434 E15.1399"
Unknown command: ":1 X125.434 Y134.905 E20.7014"
Unknown command: "95.X145.548 Y69.550 E8.3773"
Unknown command: "3 X140.527 Y127.831 E4.7018"
Unknown command: "1 X179.066 Y82.315 E13.6013"
Unknown command: "A1 X113.783 Y120.256 E22.0052"
READ: ok
SENT: G1 X119.682 Y92.689 E23.7645
READ: ok
SENT: G1 X119.368 Y91.741 E23.8244
READ: ok


The numbers of unkown commando varies.

Using Repetier Host the problem doesn't occur. On my previous computer (Win10 + SD3D 4.1) the problem also occurred.

I realized that the problem occurs more often when the part has more curves.

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Re: The print freeze or move to the bed border

Fri Jan 15, 2021 2:58 pm

Does this happen when printing with removable storage (SD card or flash drive)?

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