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S3D not starting after WIN update


Windows has run an update yesterday and since S3D doesn't start anymore.
Please HELP!!

Version 10.0.19041 Build 19041

I am running latest S3D verrion.

BTW are you planning any release in the future? There has been no move since 2019...

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Re: S3D not starting after WIN update

Please try opening Windows Explorer and navigating to the following directory:


You may need to enable hidden folders to access this directory. Once there, please try deleting the savedState.factory file, then opening Simplify3D again.

Sometimes when Windows updates, it makes changes to this file, causing it to not be openable by Simplify3D, so when you launch Simplify3D and it tries to open the file, it crashes out.
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Re: S3D not starting after WIN update

And the answer to your second question seems to be:

Allow me to translate that:
"No comment."
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