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Lack of basic options in the software

We work whit a 1mtr tall 3d printer and we have this problem, that if we can't find a solution to, we will have to stop using simplify3d:

There is two functions for the option: "bottom solid layers":

1: it will close the bottom of the model, fulling the firs or more layers.

2: It will add internal thickness in all the negative angles all thru the model, that in necessary for pronounced negative angles.

Because we always print big pieces, we need function "2" but not "1" because it will cost unnecessary time an material waist, but Its seems that there is not a way to do so.

hollowing the model its not an option because it will create a variation of thickness observable when cutting the model horizontally, creating problem for the slicing.

What can we do?~
Thank you

Julian Brizuela
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Re: Lack of basic options in the software

Can you post a factory file and screenshots highlighting exactly what you are trying to do?

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