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Z readout problem CLAY PRINTING on modified ANET

Sat Feb 13, 2021 7:35 am

I own several fdm and resin printers and since 2019, being a home potter too) I also own a modified Anet E10 with a Stoneflower extruder, and I have printed several vases and more on it, until the A1284 motherboard (with my modified marlin firmware inside) died...
I installed a new A1284 (for a8 plus) motherboard and flashed a new marlin firmware but this time when I setup for printing I got some problems.
with the original MB my normal procedure was :
1-home all axis
2-raise the nozzle-z axis (for printing clay I need a wood plane and every woodboard is a little bit different)
3-slowly set up the nozzle to the appropriate distance from the board (from machine control panel ZERO Z button)
5-start printing and cross my fingers...

At this moment after I push the Zero Z button, the lcd and the readout show 0.00, but if I move the Z with the jog control the printhead moves as if it was in the previous position. I mean :
start, home all axis---Z=0.00
raise and setup like Z= 13.5
ZERO Z and Z= 0.00 (on the readout and the lcd)
IF I lower or raise Z ie by 10mm the head moves at 23.5...
the weird thing is that I I move again it goes to something like 26 and then 50...not an exact double neither a problem of inch/mm conversion

I tried anything on marlin configuration.h but nothing seems to work.

Thanks for your help

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