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Ran AddUserPermissions as root in home directory

Fri Feb 19, 2021 3:58 pm

I'm reinstalling Simplify3D on a relatively fresh install of Ubuntu 20.04 I made what appears to be the embarrassing mistake of running the AddUserPermissions.sh script in my home folder, where I'd installed Simplify3D. (When changing the install location from /opt, I forgot to include the "Simplify3D" parent folder for the installation, so it just dumped the files in my home folder. I ran it as sudo reflexively because the installer needed root privileges, though now I see that the script does not.)

After doing that (or at least, I'm pretty sure that it was the cause), I can now not access the folders in my home folder without entering my password, and I can't run programs in my home folder. It seems like maybe the script changed the permissions of whatever files and folders are in the same file as the script itself to those of whoever is running the script, and so now my entire home folder requires root privileges?

Does anyone here know how I could go about confirming that that was what happened? And if it was, might there be an easy way to un-bork the permissions of my home folder?

Thanks for any help!

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