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Ender 3 double extrusion problem

Fri Mar 12, 2021 12:14 pm

Hello everyone ! I am new here and I think perhaps you could help me with problems on both of my two ender 3.

For the older, I've used it since almost 2 years and appart from the usual issues like some clogging in the hot end no serious problems.
Suddenly one day the extruder stopped working during a print and then has never worked any more. Motor tested and it works and cable tested and works too. The only answers I found on the net are just users that forget to preheat the nozzle and didn't know there was a security to prevent motor forcing non-melted plastic to move through the nozzle. Have you an idea what can I do ? Do I have to bought a new motherboard?

The problem on the other ender 3 is sever under-extrusion. G-code is not the problem, I could perfectly do some print on the other with the same and I tried with an other motor and it's still not working propely. Any one has an idea ? Do I need to change the motherboard on this one too?

Thank you for your futur answers :D :D

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