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White filament stops extruding mid-print

Mon Mar 15, 2021 5:27 am

Hi everyone,

I'm pretty new to the forum but I've already experimented a bit with my 3d printer.
I have a Flashforge Creator Pro (version 1) with which I successfully made several prints with black ABS filament. I assumed I was using the right extrudor temperature, bed temperature and other settings. I'm using a raft.

Trouble arised when I switched to white ABS filament. I wanted to print the exact same model in white instead of black. Two prints went fine, but on the third it stopped extruding mid-print and it appeared my filament was broken. The filament roll seems to have factory issues, so I changed the roll for a new one. Nozzle was clogged, so I did also a complete clean up. By the way, I'm only using the ABS filament provided by Flashforge.

I tried again with a brand new nozzle and different settings for the fan, but experimented the clogging issue once again, this time the filament wasn't broken and it looks good quality.

I don't have any idea of what could be the cause, I've searched for common causes but :
- the filament is still inside and not broken (not a problem of filament supply)
- yes the filament is ground but it happens after, when I try to push it through (it doesn't seem to be a filament grinding issue)
- the extrudor motor driver shouldn't be overheated

However, here are the few things I have been able to notice (see pictures) :
- the nozzle looks clogged, I can't push the filament manually after it stopped extruding and there are some debris inside
- I can see some debris inside the nozzle but the debris isn't obstructing the hole, it sits on the perimeter. I cleaned it up anyway and the ABS residue looks "cooked"
- filament in the extrudor has hollowed, just like it has coated the ptfe tube (I tried to take a picture with the light revealing the hole by passing through it). I don't know how to explain it
- the printing temperature doesn't looks too low, because the filament flows easily, everything is going right in the beginning. Considering the top of the first model I printed, I would rather think my temperature is a little bit too high than too low.

Any suggestion about what could be improved ? I'm running out of idea...

I can provide more details about my settings and parameters if needed, and some more pictures.



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Re: White filament stops extruding mid-print

Tue Mar 16, 2021 9:22 am

What temperatures are you printing at? If the version of your Creator Pro has PTFE lined hotends you wont want to be printing above the melting point for PTFE. Typically we don't recommend exceeding 240 in that type of setup.

Are you using the stock ABS settings in Simplify3D?

Have you reached out to our customer support team? (
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