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rounded corners

Thu Mar 25, 2021 9:18 pm

Hi' :)
I can't for the life of me stop the corners from rounding of. Even the test calibration cube has rounded corners. My printer is an Ender 5 Plus and its working fine as i can print the cube as it should in Cura i just hate using Cura. I'm an old timer on Simplyfi3d and i don't want to jump to any other slicer so really want to get this sorted if possible. I've done a pic to show what i mean and hopefully someone will know how to fix it.
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Re: rounded corners

Mon Mar 29, 2021 5:10 pm

Just a guess, but:

Maybe Cura is set up for this printer profile to apply acceleration/jerk values (Speed settings). S3D doesn't offer this, so maybe you'd like
to create a gcode file in Cura and copy the settings for acceleration/jerk from there to your S3D start script.

Or, if possible, write those values to the eeprom of the printer to make them permanent.


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Re: rounded corners

Tue Mar 30, 2021 7:15 am

Thanks so much for replying i appreciate it.
That's a fantastic idea i didn't know i could do that :)
i will give it a go as soon as i get time on the printer.

Thanks again for taking the time to reply.

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