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Preview mode window does not fit screen

I just installed 4.1.2 on a laptop running Ubuntu 20.04.2. I previously used the software only under Windows.
All is fine until I click on "prepare to print" to open the preview window.
The new window is higher than the screen resolution and the speed controls and exit button are not visible. If I want to leave the preview mode, I have to 'TAB' through the controls until the focus is on the exit button and then press the space bar.
This window does not have a resize or maximize button, so I can't edit it's height.
Although this works for the exit function, I just can't change anything on the animation controls.

Any hint?
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Re: Preview mode window does not fit screen

Could you post some screenshots of the behavior you are seeing?
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Re: Preview mode window does not fit screen

What is the vertical resolution available to your Ubuntu desktop?

The minimum vertical window size of the preview window is 760px.
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