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Dual extruder support base layer issue

Fri Apr 23, 2021 6:50 pm

First off, I have a Frankenprinter, its an old model CR-10 I've modified for dual extrusion, and am also using a Smoothieboard running smoothieware.
I've had dual extrusion working in the past, and I've been experimenting with additional base layers to improve support for my supports.

It seems that my second layer of support base layer is printing with the wrong extruder.
First support base layer goes down with the correct extruder, T1
second support base layer goes down with T0 instead of T1, it prints in the correct x-y coordinate though, so maybe a tool change issue?
subsequent support layers print as expected.

Under the "preview" the correct extruder is displayed as printing the support base layers, I only see this on the machine, and only on the second layer.

For now I plan on only using ONE support base layer, " maybe this will fix the issue" but I'm confused about what the issue could be here.
Note, I don't have any tool change scripts. I use a start script for my BLTOUCH, but that ends when the print beings.

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