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Creatbot Dual-Nozzle Printing Issues

Hello community,

first of all excuse my english.
I am an engineering student from germany and I am working with a creatbot f430.
I am trying to print a dual-color part. First of all I added the parts to S3D. Afterwards I alligned and grouped them.
So far so good. I added two processes for each extruder+nozzles and added the models to each process.
When I start printing the first bottom layers are perfect but when the 2nd extruder starts printing it isn't in the correct position.
It starts printing in the air not onto the already printed layers. Is there an option to correct the x-offset of the 2nd extruder?

I tried to correct the x-offset already: Tools->Options->Machine->Toolhead-offset. But this way doesn't work.
I get an error which says 'You are currently using an FFF process that automatically updates the machine definition whenever that process is used.

How to fix it?

Thanks for your help.


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