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S3D Not responding

Posted: Mon Sep 13, 2021 7:46 pm
by jeffweiss2131
All of a sudden, I cannot get S3D to run. I get a white screen with S3D not responding and an hourglass. I uninstalled it and installed a brand new version and the same thing. White screen not responding, hourglass.

I have a new very powerful gaming pc with 128 gigs of ram that should be able to run ten instances at a time. Everything else works perfectly on the machine.

How do I get S3D to work again?

Re: S3D Not responding

Posted: Sun Oct 03, 2021 5:46 am
by Chaosmann
I've the same problem on my three monitor setup.
If I have before closed the program on my left screen (middle is main screen; screen connection order 2-1-4).
When I the deactivate the left screen (No. 2) and start the program it's working again.