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Why it's different ?

Tue Jan 13, 2015 12:06 pm

I'm prining side by side with a Leapfrog creatr Dual and a FlashForge creator pro with Simplify 3D 2.2.1 .
It's working great but with the flashForge i've less usefull informations in the " machine control panel "

1- on the machine controle panel wich is connected to the leapfrog printer i saw an estimation in minute of the needed to finish the job.
One the simpify machiine control panel wich is connected to the Flashforge one, i haven't this estimation .

2- the leapfrog machine control panel show me the comand , an i can send M126 S50 for exemple, it's working.
The FlashForge one show me something like cripted , and command aren't working if i send M126 .. i need to send binary or i don't konw what ...
how to proeed to have the same usefull thing on the Flashforge simplify 3d machine control panel ?

thanks for your help

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Re: Why it's different ?

Tue Jan 13, 2015 6:09 pm

Makerbot style printers (flashforge) that run sailfish firmware use a binary communication protocol and not ascii based gcode like RepRap style firmware like Marlin, Repetier, etc. (your leapfrog). That's why you see different looking communication text, and this is why a lot of people like s3d. Instead of having to use an ascii based slicing engine and one for binary based x3g files, you can use s3d for both

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Re: Why it's different ?

Sat Jan 17, 2015 11:28 am

Thanks you for the aswer :)
It's interesting to know.

But i don't think that the time to finished estimation is something to do with Asci or binary .
Isn't a S3D feature to see how much time we need to wait to finish the job at the bottom right with the already made percentage ?

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