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Can't set temperature in multi process print

Wed Jan 14, 2015 7:01 pm

See attached factory.

Process 2 has a temperature set to turn the right extruder off after layer 165. It doesn't honor though.
I tried putting it in process 1 instead. Same deal.

It isn't in the output gcode at all on any layer.

I'd just use one process but there is that outstanding issue of no purge walls. So I use a first process to print a dummy cube so that the extruder is primed for the 2nd process.

Anyway, this is a very common use case for me, where I want to use support material but i don't want to keep the heat on the support extruder for a number of hours after I don't need that extruder any more. It works to change the temperature on a layer other than 1 if only one process. Catch-22 there.
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Posts: 343
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Re: Can't set temperature in multi process print

Fri Jan 16, 2015 10:11 am

I decided to ignore the temperature bug and print this with S3D instead just to go ahead and try a larger dual extrusion print.

A couple things I learned.
1) Using the external object as a make-shift purge object didn't work. You can from the blobs that sometimes the print order began on the 2nd object even though I used two processes. I had earlier thought multiple processes would solve the issue.
2) I can't set a good tool change retract/begin extrude value because the different timing between layers creates a non-uniform time for the idle nozzle. i.e., on some layers it's mostly support and others it's mostly main filament.

So in summary... still need purge walls. I'm sure you're hard at work at purge walls right now :D :D

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