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Simplify3D not matching printed part

Mon Feb 23, 2015 7:21 pm

I printed this part today. I attached two pictures. One of the printed part, and one of the Simplify 3D screen.
If you look at the printed part, there is a separation between the inner and outer wall at the thin top of the cylinder. I printed with 100% infill. But according to the Simplify 3D view it is solid.
I've been pondering this for a while trying to figure out what is happening.
Any thoughts?

Printed Part.JPG
Simplify3D Image.JPG

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Re: Simplify3D not matching printed part

Tue Feb 24, 2015 5:37 am

You just need to enable the thin wall settings. I would probably allow gap fill, and set my outline overlap to 20% or so.

This tip of the day has more info: ... 089&p=8217

Just scroll down to the thin wall section.

And FYI - you should be looking at the preview of the generated gcode for comparisons, not the actual 3D model. Of course the original 3D model will look right!

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Re: Simplify3D not matching printed part

Tue Feb 24, 2015 5:59 pm

A lot of slicers show this type of problem when walls are too thin for a minimum of 3 lines of filament. Without having your model or factory file, it's hard to know how thin that portion of your model is.

JoeJ's advice will sometimes work if the wall isn't too thin.

If the wall is too thin, then JoeJ's method doesn't work. In that case another way to solve this is to increase your Extrusion Width in Simplify3D so that each extruded line is a little thicker, just thick enough to fill the gap at the top.

For example, in many slicers, if a wall is 0.90 mm thick, but being printed with 2 extruded lines each at 0.40 mm thick, you'll sometimes see a 0.10 mm gap between the two lines of the 0.90 mm wall. In such a case, there's not enough space for infill. To solve this easily, you can increase your Extrusion Width from 0.40 mm to 0.45 mm. Two 0.45 mm extruded lines will make a 0.90 mm thick wall.

It's best to avoid using models that have walls that are so thin that this issue pops up. Such thin walls are going to break easily. 2 mm walls are the minimum I would recommend.

But if your wall isn't that thin, JoeJ's advice will work.

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