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Re: Flashforge Dreamer Firmware 2.4 Problems

Thu Mar 03, 2016 7:15 am

The problem is that they are taking so long to get the update out, the new Flashforge Dreamers shipping need to be downgraded out of the box to work properly as advertised with S3D. This is just as much Simplify3D's issue as it is Flashforges due to the fact that some bright person thought it great to do a "partnership deal" before Flashforge changed the firmware -

I own a dreamer and I also resell them as part of my Computer business. For me, i just use an SD card to go between S3D and the printer, mainly because of my physical setup, but to have to explain to a customer that this awesome program that is bundled with with printer and works wonders requires them to downgrade their brand new printer, doesn't bode well for S3D at all, I have at least 3 customers who are "waiting" for the upgrade as they don't want to go backward with firmware on their new printer. Having said that, I know myself that going back in firmware is not really a loss when using S3D anyhow, but perception is often close to reality in a customers eyes, so I think S3D needs to either come out with a patch or release an update. If they cant do that for some reasons, they need to lean on their "partners" over in china to fix the problem

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Re: Flashforge Dreamer Firmware 2.4 Problems

Fri Jun 10, 2016 6:18 am

Problem FINALLY solved in the new 3.1 Version !! :D

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