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Pausing a print option; different settings on dif. layers

Mon Nov 04, 2013 10:02 pm

I just took notice to the "star/stop printing at (blank) height" under the "Other" tab. Due to the fact that I am printing a large model, I haven't tried this option yet. I'm guessing this means one can use this options to print to a model only to a certain height, then pause the print....and finish it by beginning the print at the height it was paused....

If this is the case this may prove useful to me in order to change the settings for a different layer though I am not sure if: A. this is what this option is designed for--OR B. if there is already a better/easier way to do this.

For example on this model I am getting bubbles, but only at the top of the tower. So i need to adjust my retraction/coasting options to fix this, but I only need to use those adjustments at the top layer, not on the entire model. If I am understanding the "print to X height" option, this would be one way to tackle the issue. However I am wondering if there is a way change calibrations for different layers without stopping the print--in the same way that you can create set points for the temperature at different layers?

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Re: Pausing a print option; different settings on dif. layer

Thu Nov 07, 2013 5:24 pm


That's exactly what this option is for, but I don't think it actually "pauses" the print (like, for changing filament) --- although there might be a sneaky way to do that. Rather, I believe it just causes a smooth transition from one set of FFF settings to another at a given layer number.

As for the layer number to transition at, it's easy to calculate -- just measure the height at which you want to transition (or find it by examining your CAD model) and divide by the layer thickness. So 20 mm height / 0.20 mm layer thickness would be layer #100.

But you knew that!

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