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Sun Feb 09, 2014 11:04 am

I am using a velleman k8200/3drag on win7 64bit.


Grid on plate does not correspond to my printsize. I have set machine profile in options as 200x200x200mm
But plate only show 140x140x140 no matter what i do.
So all my 14cm+ objects go outside the plate.

Toolbar not sticking to top when closing restarting program.

Many .obj files i tested won't load. Generates error: Error parsing OBJ file. Non-numeric data at line xxxx
After this error NOTHING loads so i need to restart program.
These .obj files load in both Repetier and Cura.

Some .obj files does not load and does not generate error, loads fine in other programs.

When loading heavy objects, program (does not respond) so i usuallt think it has crashed and force-close it when it probably
won't need it. I am just so used to that the message means it crashed.

Adding manual support does not always work (nothing happens at all).


Why having the machine panel as a separate window? It is just irritating that it dissapears when doing something else. Why not a tab?
Graphical feedback when printing?
Also com-log in the bottom, not as a tab. Jog controls also in main machine window.

Pause and stop takes too long before it actually happen, seems like it needs to complete the layer?.

I would like options to set speed as mm/sec instead of mm/min.
Printing time as hours and minutes instead of only minutes..

It's not fun to have to calculate how many hours when it display 2568 minutes for example ;)

Printer eeprom settings would be nice.

Undo function? Especially when repairing objects.

Live feedback when scaling, rotating objects etc.

Things i don't like:
Digital digits on temp and position?? Really?

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