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Why are all my models being filled in when slicing?!

See the attached photo. All my prints now are filling in areas that are supposed to have features.. It happened after I made some changes to the general settings (changes speed units, auto file rotation upon import).. but nothing that would really explain this.

This problem happened with all but one Process preset, but that preset was then deleted with another glitch I have where all processes are simultaneously deleted -___- I loved S3D but this is incredibly frustrating when I rely on the software for all my prints!

Help is really appreciated, thanks!
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Re: Why are all my models being filled in when slicing?!

It usually means there's either a problem with the STL file or you have the "merge all outlines" option enabled on the Advanced tab.

So check that option first, then you can use the repair checks in S3D to see if it's a problem with the model. If you find non-manifold or self-intersecting problems, then you need to repair the model first (either in your CAD program or use something like makeprintable or netfabb)

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