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the fun begins...

Mon Mar 27, 2017 8:34 pm

hi some weird things going on.

A. set the speed to 45mm/s
result, aything from 45 and some where in the region of 80 - 85mm/s randomly happens.(then doesnt then does.)

B. no matter what infill thickness i set it remains the same. (i gave up at 200%) cannot get a water tight top or bottom layer at all.

C. on the posative 45 degree infill extrutions are full and constant.
the negative 45 degree fill 'steps', just before the cross over and stops extruding bang on the cross over at each and every cross over point, looks like stitching. (does not occur any where else bar the one fill area.)

D. a random, ermmm, dunno how to put it, something between a wipe and a prime and a hyper speed 'whip' off to some near locasion. usualy only occuring once or twice, but to no set pattern.

and lastly, is there no Z hop facility?

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Re: the fun begins...

Tue Mar 28, 2017 9:27 am

You're probably going to have to provide more information if you want to get help from people here. For example, if you look at the preview in Simplify3D, and you are seeing printing speeds that are too high, then post your factory file and perhaps a screenshot of the area where you see the high speeds. You have to provide more info so that others can give suggestions.

For your very last question though, the Z-hop is called "vertical lift" and it's on the Extruders tab in the retraction section

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Re: the fun begins...

Tue Mar 28, 2017 10:42 am

ahhh verticle lift, thank you for that.

A. Set the speeds. visualy you see how fast its printing the plastik, on the image attached first box is set to 40mm/s, tisnt that fast when you've had succesfull 120mm/s print speeds,
well every now and then it'll print at some very very fast rate for no reason. i.e. it's motering like whore on no way is it doing 40mm/s, its more like 80-90 mm/s...and then the next print will print at the narmal speeds.(40mm/s or less acourding to the percentages set in the other box's on the attached images).
edit in... it happens on the outer perimiter shell and or/both the inner permiter on 2 perimiter prints, i cant set any film footage because it's a random event, say twice out of 10 attemps -ish.(or i'd have to wait 10 hours or some such....ffffff

B. Yu know the infill extrution box, it doesnt work.
'infil'...''infill exstrution width''
e.g. set it anywhere from '0%' TO '200%' and the exstrution width does not change, i.e. is always the same regaurdless of the percentage set in the exstrution width box, theres always a gap between extrution, it's not water tight, you can see light coming through the top and bottom fill layers..(the width of the plastik put down remains the same too)

C.the infill pattern has the angle set box to set the grid up, a posative and negative number added there gives a criss cross pattern infill which prints one layer in one direction, and the next lay in the other direction, or you tick and have a full criss cross on every layer, well the neegative i.e. -45 degree infill layer scips and does not exstrude continualy...image attached, that's two layers of missing bits 2 of full lined exstrution in the image.
however the other layer (the posative degree i.e. 45degrees extrudes continualy as it should).
outlines and support layers are printing narmaly..

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Re: the fun begins...

Tue Mar 28, 2017 11:22 am

To deal with your points in order....
I'm not sure this is an issue with S3D...more like an issue with your printer. You will need to present some evidence of the slicer generating the wrong speeds in the gcode before any investigation can be made.

I have just tested the difference between 5% and 200% in the Infill Extrusion Width parameter....and it clearly does change the width of the extrusion. Your comment
theres always a gap between extrution, it's not water tight, you can see light coming through the top and bottom fill layers
makes me think you are misunderstanding what the parameter changes. If you want to get a solid infill, then its the infill percentage you need to change. If you're not getting a clean solid layer on top of infill, then there are other parameters that will affect that...not this one....such as the number of top layers, extrusion multiplier, filament thickness, etc

The extrusion for both of the directions for infill is a continuous move from one side of the infill area to the other. Your photo seems to show an issue with the flow rate through your nozzle....not an issue with the gcode created by the slicer. This may be due to the temperature being too high or too low, or the speed being too slow or too fast.
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Re: the fun begins...

Tue Mar 28, 2017 4:00 pm

Thank you for the reply.

i'll try a fresh install on the printer and simplyfi and see how that does.

and of course re calibrate from scrach.

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Re: the fun begins...

Tue Mar 28, 2017 6:43 pm

found 1 issue, running 64bit win10 to marlin on 16 or 32bit controler boards.
had help on that but run as administrator and set the program to run 'as win7'..cleared some issues up.

regaurding the top/bottom infill, (not the infill e.g. honeycomb infill bit) printing more layers only water tights at layer 3 or 4...same as kisslicer does, 1 or 2 top bottom layers space out the exstrustions in a graduated form.

so what does the infill exstrution width actauly effect? literaly just the infill 'percentage' exstrutions width? (as in make the honey comb infill lines thicker by going above the 100% and thinner below 100%?) or interior fill as the honey comb infill is in the settings.

still cant find any diference to that multiplier setting as yet...however, in the extruder section, theres a manual ''set the mm'' and an 'auto' check box, do these effect the infill extrution width setting in the infill section? (e.g. in auto the percentage is inafective, or in manual the figure is fixed?)

and, how do i use the manual/auto box, (just to make sure here), do i extrude in manual mode and adjust the exstrution muliplier untill the set mm coresponds to whats layed out on the bed? then auto does it's thing based on that calibrasion? other writings and tips and hints...'set the box' is a useless hint lol (infuriating even). might be an improvement/sugestion but to add into it something like what the multier scale is e.g. from 0 to 100 100 being maximum..etc..i notice some hints do others not so informative, just a thought.(you have to work on the fact that starting from scratch you dont know...anything. that and words have changed from other softwares).

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