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Re: S3D not exporting cooling fan command

Thu Dec 28, 2017 5:41 am

We have several dozen people who have been using the prusa i3 mk2 profile in S3D for almost a year now. A lot of their work involves manipulating the fan cooling settings, and they have not encountered any of the issues that you mentioned. I am pretty confident the stock profile in S3D works correctly, but as others have said, it is definitely possible to make changes to the profile that can cause incorrect commands to get inserted.

Is there a reason you have not attached your profile to this thread as other have suggested? It will be very easy to see what changes you made once you post your profile. Otherwise this seems like a waste of time speculating without any data or proof!

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Re: S3D not exporting cooling fan command

Wed Jul 18, 2018 1:26 am

I know this is a reasonably old discussion, but I assume the fan itself was checked to confirm it was OK. On 2 occasions now I have had the same situation of the cooling fan not responding and yes I know it was stated earlier that the fan can be manually operated (strange), nevertheless after spending too much time seeking to locate a GCode error or whatever, which is the first thing we tend to do, after checking the fan/s.. they were stuffed. 15 mins to replace and away we went again happily printing.
Anyhow just a thought. It might help someone down the track in a similar situation save hours looking for a programming fault when it is actually a hardware fault.

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