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S3D Printer Control Panel not Opening Under macOS Sierra

Sat Jun 24, 2017 11:44 am


New to the forum but I have something to share to macOS Sierra users that have been battling to view the Printer Control Panel (PCP) in S3D.

With some assistance from the great S3D support team and then further trial and error by myself, I have nailed down the issue.

Better still I have come up with a workaround that does not require the user to constantly Reset Settings their S3D settings — the suggested fix by S3D Support.

The fault lies with the way S3D is handling Full Screen mode.

If S3D is in a window when PCP is opened, everything works as expected and it and the CPC can then by expanded to Full Screen and will continue to work until S3D is closed.

But if S3D is already in Full Screen mode or put into Full Screen mode when the CPC is closed, opening the CPC will fail to open and continue to fail after that, even if S3D is returned to a window the PCP will not open.

The workaround:

1) Return S3D to a window
2) Close it
3) Reopen it (it should now open in a window)
4) Open the PCP (DO NOT put S3D into Full Screen before doing this) — the PCP will open (sometimes in a window, sometimes in a sudo Full Screen mode, there is something really broken with the way that the CPC is handling Full Screen mode under Sierra)
5) Now both windows can be put into Full Screen, if the user desires or left windowed or even placed on their own desktops in a windowed state

Note: S3D support think this only happens when a user has been using their Mac with more than one screen. I had been doing that, so it's very likely that this somehow confuses S3D, even though I haven't used two screens since installing S3D.

Even so this is a rather nasty bug and until now I have seen very little about and only a vague hint on how it might be fixed.

I hope that the S3D Support / Devs monitor this forum and can get this issue resolved because it must be confusing a select group of S3D Mac owners (I will be sending a version of this back to them via email anyway)

And a big thanks to the S3D Online Support Team for the extreme prompt follow up to my request for help.

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