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Conflicting temperature settings for dual extrusion

Thu Aug 10, 2017 1:26 pm

A few days ago, I updated Simplify3D to the latest version. However, it seems that this new version also came up with a bug that affects dual extrusion prints.

I'm following the usual process for dual prints: Tools / Dual extrusion wizard. Everything sets up fine.
Afterwards, I set up the temperature for the extruders: 190 for the right extruder, 185 for the left one. Everything works as intended. I can generate the X3G file and print without any issues.

When I close the program and open it again, I get the last workspace I was working on. And then, if I change anything in one process (it can be infill, ooze shield settings, retraction...) this setting changes for both processes (again, this is normal and expected) except for the temperature, which resets for the other process.

Let me put an example:
I'm currently working in a dual print that requires the following temperatures: 185 for the left extruder, 190 for the right extruder. If I change a temperature (let's say, the left extruder to 180) in one process, the other process should automatically change. This happened in the previous version, and happens with V4.0... As long as you don't close the program and open it again.

If I close the program, and then open it again, this happens: Temperature remains the same for both processes until I change something in one process. Let's say, I want to set the Left Extruder's retraction distance to 2.00mm - I make the change in the first process. This change is copied to the second process, but then the second process' temperatures are reset to 190 for the left extruder and 190 for the right one.

The first time this happened, I was really confused to see that my printer kept trying to change the temperature from 185 to 190 over and over. It was after checking out every setting that I noticed the error. And then I discovered that this only happens in two situations: If you close the program, then open it again OR if you load a *.factory file with a dual extrusion.

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