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Auto-Configure for Material Bugs

Posted: Wed Aug 16, 2017 2:30 am
by LingHunXi
When I set default for different materials (PLA, PETG, TPU, etc) for a giver Profile (Aurora A3), many of the settings are being propagated across ALL materials!

Layer -> First Layer Settings
Extruder -> Ooze Control
Additions -> Use Skirt/Brim
Speeds -> Speeds

TPU needs 100% First layer, while PLA need 80%. But when I set it either way, its automatically used in ALL other Material settings!
Same with all the other ones listed above. There may be more.

What's going on here? Am I just not understand how this is supposed to work?
I thought you set up a Profile for a Printer, and then set Material Defaults for that Printer. But this seems all horked up.

Re: Auto-Configure for Material Bugs

Posted: Wed Aug 16, 2017 3:09 am
by LingHunXi
Ok, so I went back and watched the Simplify3D videos and understand how it works now.
In order to do what I want, where I have a Printer Profile and under that, different settings for different material, I'd also have to set unique 'Quality' settings for each material.
For instance, for PLA:
Print speed is 50mm/s, Retraction is enabled. 1st layer Height is 80%
But for TPU:
Print speed is 20mm/s, Retraction is disabled, layer height is 100%
But because of the retarded way this is set up, Print Speed, Retraction and 1st Layer Height is a 'Quality' setting - WTF!
So I'd need a
PLA Material default and then a PLA Quality Default
TPU Material default and then a TPU Quality Default
PETG Material default and then a PETG Quality Default
ABS Material default and then a ABS Quality Default
etc, etc, etc, ad-nauseum.
God forbid I accidentally select PLA material and TPU quality!

At the VERY LEAST, Quality should be a Sub-setting of Material and NOT independent.

And if Simplify3D insists on keeping this ridiculous 'feature', at least indicate in each tab window which are 'Material' and which are 'Quality', because it sure to hells isn't obvious.

I agree with Joseph Prusa, this is retarded.

Re: Auto-Configure for Material Bugs

Posted: Wed Apr 18, 2018 8:06 pm
by holo
+1 for it

There should be main material settings and for each material settings shoudl be posibility to chose defferent quality settings, diffrent options for each one.. think this is logic.