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Re: Major bug, x-axis leaning to the right (positive)

Sat Apr 19, 2014 10:45 pm

And a little more......

Printing with retraction at 1.5mm made no difference in the amount of skewing. I guess I knew that but forgot that one of the tests I did was using the "default" Creatr profile which is 0.5mm.

There is definitely a difference in the way that slic3r and S3D do retraction.
In S3D, the retraction is done with negative numbers like this (again, 3mm retraction):

G1 E-3 F1800

However in Slic3r it looks like there is no negative retractions except one at the beginning (again 3mm):
G1 F1800.000 E-3.00000

But then in the rest of the file retractions are all positive and the amount of retraction is getting added to all of the extrusions in the file:
G1 X14.307 Y11.155 E3.09979
G1 X20.117 Y8.875 E3.31808
G1 X21.187 Y8.525 E3.35745
G1 X22.007 Y8.295 E3.38723
G1 X22.917 Y8.075 E3.41998

Notice how the E is always greater than 3.
I "think" this is a retraction:
G1 X33.520 Y45.169 E3.70017
G1 F1800.000 E0.70017

As I said, I don't much about gcode.

Something about the geometry seems to aggravate this bug. I modeled a similar, slightly less complex part and it printed just fine.

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Re: Major bug, x-axis leaning to the right (positive)

Sun Apr 20, 2014 2:07 am


Could you at least share some of the G-code from KISS and Simplify so we have something to look at?

/Michael, Denmark

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Re: Major bug, x-axis leaning to the right (positive)

Sun Apr 20, 2014 8:35 am

My first post took a while to get approved so it's buried a couple pages back.. so here it is again.

I'd suggest using a very simple object for testing, such as the 0.5mm-thin-wall from The Essential Calibration set on Thingiverse. This is meant to be a printed with 1 perimeter and 0 infill.

Anyone prints that object and demonstrates the leaning, and then can share the gcode, it would be useful. If that one doesn't do it, then the 50mm-tower from the same calibration set would be another good choice. This object is a solid so uses infill.

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Re: Major bug, x-axis leaning to the right (positive)

Sun Apr 20, 2014 8:51 am

Okay let me do this:
I will modify the part (maybe chop the top off) print a test using S3D and Kisslicer and if that works I'll post those files (both the STL and gcode for each).

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Re: Major bug, x-axis leaning to the right (positive)

Mon Apr 21, 2014 1:18 pm

I ran a another large series of tests. Full test details are below.
However, let me summarize the results first:

Something about the way that S3D defines retractions appears to cause corruption of the axis position in the Leapfrog. The amount of corruption I have to assume depends of the length of the rapids after the retraction which depends on the geometry of the part and how it gets sliced.

I know that sounds like the printer is losing steps due to speed. But the last test I did last night was printed VERY slow, only 15mm /sec (900 mm/ min). The print that typically takes 40 minutes took over two hours each to print. No way it's losing steps due to speed when its running that slow.

I know very little about gcode, and the way that S3D does retraction certainly seems logical. However both Kisslicer and Slic3r use a different syntax. So is it an S3D bug or a Leapfrog bug?? No idea, let the finger pointing begin :-)

Now I said that I would modify my part and post it. I changed my mind. (Not worth the risk to my day job.) I did modify the part for these tests, but I don't feel it would be in my best interest to post the part in the open. However, if you are actually interested in trying the test send me a private message with your email address and I will send you the gocde, STL, and a factory file of the modified part to try. I did however post the headers from S3D and Kisslicer below.

So here are the the test details:

Part A:
Default Creatr Dual (Right) profile with the following changes:
Infill 40%
Support 2.4 mm
Bed 60C
First layer 205C
Third layer 195C
Cooling 60% starting at the third layer (my nozzle cooler)
Result = Extreme Skewing

Part B:
This was run immediately after Part A. The only change was that retraction was turned off.
Result = Part is okay.

Part C:
Also run immediately after Part B.
Part sliced with Kisslicer and printed using Repetier Host.
Result = Part is okay

Part D:
I did this to check if perhaps the power supply was drooping somehow during the retractions. So the following changes:
Bed heater turned off (printed on blue painters tape.
My nozzle cooler disconnected from the electronics board (plus turned off in S3D)
Otherwise the same settings as in Part A.
Result = Extreme Skewing

On the test of Part D I stopped the print just before the end to check the position of the Y axis. The Y axis origin had moved 4.7mm towards the back fo the printer (Y+) That explains the skewed part.

Since retraction seems to be the culprit I thought I would try some different retraction settings to see if there was any effect. I didn't take photos of these, in fact I stopped the print as soon as the result was obvious:

Retraction Speed test:
3600mm / min = Part was still skewed
1800mm / min = This is the default used in the test above tests. Part is skewed.
1000mm / min = Part is still skewed
500mm / min = Part is still skewed
100mm / min = Test stopped because at this speed the x-y movement is effected causing large pauses in the print

Retraction length tests.
3mm = Previous tests show this produced a skewed part.
0.5mm = Standdard length as used in the above tests.
0.05mm = Part is still skewed (and full strings).
0.0mm = Part is not skewed, but this is the same as turning off retraction. There were no retraction commands in the resulting gcode.

Very slow print test.
As mentioned above this test was run extremely slow to prove that speed is not causing skipped steps.
The print typically takes about 40 minutes and each one of these took over 2 hours to print.
Part E
Parameters the same as Part D above but printed VERY slow with retraction turned on.
Result = Part is extremely skewed.

Part F
Same as Part E with retraction turned off
Result = Part is okay

So there you go folks. Am I missing something?

One last thing: S3D says the part is okay and so does Netfabb. Kisslicer does flag a small error but it seems to do that with a lot of parts, but still prints fine.

Here is the S3D gcode up to the first retraction:

Code: Select all

; G-Code generated by Simplify3D(TM) Version 2.1.0
; Apr 20, 2014 at 9:06:35 AM
; Settings Summary
;   processName,Process1
;   applyToModels,Bug Test 14420
;   printMaterial,ABS
;   printQuality,Medium
;   extruderName,Right Extruder,Left Extruder
;   extruderToolheadNumber,0,1
;   extruderDiameter,0.35,0.35
;   extruderAutoWidth,0,0
;   extruderWidth,0.4,0.4
;   extrusionMultiplier,1,1
;   extruderUseRetract,1,1
;   extruderRetractionDistance,0.5,0.5
;   extruderExtraRestartDistance,0,0
;   extruderRetractionZLift,0,0
;   extruderRetractionSpeed,1800,1800
;   extruderUseCoasting,0,0
;   extruderCoastingDistance,0.2,0.2
;   extruderUseWipe,0,0
;   extruderWipeDistance,5,5
;   primaryExtruder,0
;   layerHeight,0.15
;   topSolidLayers,3
;   bottomSolidLayers,3
;   perimeterOutlines,2
;   printPerimetersInsideOut,1
;   startPointOption,2
;   startPointOriginX,0
;   startPointOriginY,0
;   startPointOriginZ,300
;   sequentialIslands,0
;   spiralVaseMode,0
;   firstLayerHeightRatio,0.9
;   firstLayerUnderspeed,0.5
;   useRaft,0
;   raftLayers,3
;   raftOffset,3
;   raftInfill,85
;   disableRaftBaseLayers,0
;   useSkirt,1
;   skirtLayers,1
;   skirtOutlines,2
;   skirtOffset,4
;   infillExtruder,0
;   externalInfillPattern,Rectilinear
;   infillPercentage,40
;   outlineOverlapPercentage,15
;   minInfillLength,5
;   infillLayerInterval,1
;   randomInfillStartPoint,1
;   infillAngles,45,-45
;   generateSupport,1
;   supportExtruder,0
;   supportInfill,30
;   supportExtraInflation,0
;   supportLayerInterval,1
;   supportHorizontalPartOffset,0.3
;   supportUpperSeparationLayers,1
;   supportLowerSeparationLayers,1
;   supportGridSpacing,2.4
;   maxOverhangAngle,45
;   supportAngles,0
;   temperatureName,Right Extruder,Left Extruder,Heated Bed
;   temperatureNumber,0,1,2
;   temperatureSetpointCount,2,1,1
;   temperatureSetpointLayers,1,3,1,1
;   temperatureSetpointTemperatures,205,195,0,60
;   temperatureStabilizeAtStartup,1,0,1
;   temperatureHeatedBed,0,0,1
;   temperatureRelayBetweenLayers,0,0,0
;   temperatureRelayBetweenLoops,0,0,0
;   fanLayers,1,3
;   fanSpeeds,0,60
;   blipFanToFullPower,1
;   adjustSpeedForCooling,1
;   minSpeedLayerTime,15
;   minCoolingSpeedSlowdown,20
;   increaseFanForCooling,0
;   minFanLayerTime,45
;   maxCoolingFanSpeed,100
;   increaseFanForBridging,1
;   bridgingFanSpeed,100
;   use5D,1
;   relativeEdistances,0
;   allowEaxisZeroing,1
;   includeM10123,0
;   stickySupport,1
;   detectArcs,0
;   arcReplaceG2G3,0
;   arcRadialCompensation,1
;   gcodeXoffset,0
;   gcodeYoffset,0
;   gcodeZoffset,0
;   overrideMachineDefinition,1
;   machineTypeOverride,0
;   strokeXoverride,230
;   strokeYoverride,260
;   strokeZoverride,200
;   originOffsetXoverride,0
;   originOffsetYoverride,0
;   originOffsetZoverride,0
;   homeXdirOverride,-1
;   homeYdirOverride,-1
;   homeZdirOverride,-1
;   flipXoverride,1
;   flipYoverride,-1
;   flipZoverride,1
;   startingGcode,M201 X1000 Y1000 Z500,M202 X1000 Y1000 Z500,M204 S1000,G28 F1200 ; home all axes,T0 ; switch to right extruder,G1 Z0.2 ; raise nozzle,G92 E0 ; zero extruder,G1 E3 F225 ; purge nozzle,G1 Y15 Z0.05 F1200 ; slow wipe,G1 Y20 Z0.25 ; lift
;   layerChangeGcode,
;   toolChangeGcode,
;   endingGcode,M104 S0 T0 ; turn off right extruder,M104 S0 T1 ; turn off left extruder,M140 S0 T0 ; turn off bed,G1 Z190 F1200 ; drop bed,G28 X0 ; home X axis,M84 ; disable motors
;   createX3G,0
;   celebration,0
;   celebrationSong,Random Song
;   postProcessing,
;   defaultSpeed,3600
;   outlineUnderspeed,0.5
;   supportUnderspeed,0.8
;   rapidXYspeed,4800
;   rapidZspeed,1000
;   minBridgingArea,50
;   bridgingExtrusionMultiplier,1
;   bridgingSpeedMultiplier,1
;   filamentDiameter,1.75
;   useMinPrintHeight,0
;   minPrintHeight,0
;   useMaxPrintHeight,0
;   maxPrintHeight,0
;   overlapRemoval,0
;   overlapRemovalPercentage,0.3
;   useDiaphragm,0
;   diaphragmLayerInterval,20
;   robustSlicing,1
;   mergeAllIntoSolid,0
;   onlyRetractWhenCrossingOutline,1
;   retractBetweenLayers,1
;   useRetractionMinTravel,0
;   retractionMinTravel,3
;   useRetractionOozeRate,0
;   retractionOozeRate,100
;   onlyWipeOutlines,1
G90 ; use absolute coordinates
M82 ; absolute extrusion distances
G21 ; set units to millimeters
M106 S0
M140 S60
M190 S60
M104 S205 T0
M109 S205 T0
M104 S0 T1
M201 X1000 Y1000 Z500
M202 X1000 Y1000 Z500
M204 S1000
G28 F1200 ; home all axes
T0 ; switch to right extruder
G1 Z0.2 ; raise nozzle
G92 E0 ; zero extruder
G1 E3 F225 ; purge nozzle
G1 Y15 Z0.05 F1200 ; slow wipe
G1 Y20 Z0.25 ; lift
G92 E0
G1 E-0.5 F1800
; layer 1, Z = 0.135
; tool H0.15 W0.4
G0 X11.615 Y12.197 F4800
G0 Z0.135 F1000
G1 E0 F540
G92 E0
G1 X11.993 Y11.837 E0.013 F1800
G1 X16.546 Y7.863 E0.1638
G1 X17.497 Y9.027 E0.2013
G1 X17.687 Y8.928 E0.2066
G1 X18.947 Y8.352 E0.2412
G1 X19.77 Y8.024 E0.2633
G1 X20.275 Y7.863 E0.2765
G1 X20.834 Y7.658 E0.2914
G1 X21.831 Y7.371 E0.3172
G1 X22.737 Y7.154 E0.3405
G1 X27.337 Y6.167 E0.4579
G1 X27.369 Y6.316 E0.4616
G1 X27.422 Y6.065 E0.468
G1 X32.903 Y7.369 E0.6086
G1 X33.822 Y7.633 E0.6324
G1 X35.018 Y8.043 E0.664
G1 X35.839 Y8.371 E0.686
G1 X37.058 Y8.931 E0.7195
G1 X37.737 Y9.284 E0.7386
G1 X38.997 Y10.023 E0.775
G1 X39.512 Y10.36 E0.7904
G1 X40.11 Y10.776 E0.8085
G1 X41.176 Y11.599 E0.8421
G1 X41.834 Y12.162 E0.8637
G1 X42.534 Y12.814 E0.8876
G1 X43.047 Y13.329 E0.9057
G1 X44.131 Y14.545 E0.9464
G1 X44.523 Y15.033 E0.962
G1 X45.405 Y16.25 E0.9995
G1 X45.811 Y16.874 E1.018
G1 X46.544 Y18.14 E1.0545
G1 X46.889 Y18.815 E1.0734
G1 X47.497 Y20.165 E1.1104
G1 X47.777 Y20.887 E1.1297
G1 X48.238 Y22.28 E1.1663
G1 X48.435 Y23.005 E1.185
G1 X48.617 Y23.773 E1.2047
G1 X49.602 Y28.37 E1.322
G1 X49.459 Y28.401 E1.3257
G1 X49.604 Y28.432 E1.3294
G1 X48.622 Y33.004 E1.446
G1 X48.518 Y33.466 E1.4578
G1 X48.072 Y35.057 E1.499
G1 X47.89 Y35.599 E1.5133
G1 X47.366 Y36.947 E1.5494
G1 X47.041 Y37.673 E1.5692
G1 X46.265 Y39.165 E1.6112
G1 X45.975 Y39.658 E1.6255
G1 X45.053 Y41.057 E1.6673
G1 X44.718 Y41.512 E1.6813
G1 X43.644 Y42.824 E1.7236
G1 X43.216 Y43.293 E1.7395
G1 X41.726 Y44.74 E1.7913
G1 X39.973 Y46.128 E1.8471
G1 X38.156 Y47.284 E1.9008
G1 X37.488 Y47.649 E1.9198
G1 X36.051 Y48.342 E1.9596
G1 X33.985 Y49.121 E2.0146
G1 X31.819 Y49.691 E2.0705
G1 X29.607 Y50.036 E2.1264
G1 X27.37 Y50.151 E2.1822
G1 X25.134 Y50.036 E2.2381
G1 X22.931 Y49.693 E2.2937
G1 X20.933 Y49.176 E2.3452
G1 X19.034 Y48.485 E2.3956
G1 X18.514 Y48.261 E2.4097
G1 X17.098 Y47.567 E2.4491
G1 X16.528 Y47.25 E2.4653
G1 X15.274 Y46.472 E2.5021
G1 X14.631 Y46.024 E2.5217
G1 X13.564 Y45.201 E2.5553
G1 X12.894 Y44.628 E2.5773
G1 X12.004 Y43.787 E2.6078
G1 X11.394 Y43.154 E2.6298
G1 X10.578 Y42.218 E2.6607
G1 X9.935 Y41.399 E2.6867
G1 X9.659 Y40.989 E2.699
G1 X9.335 Y40.554 E2.7126
G1 X8.694 Y39.544 E2.7424
G1 X8.484 Y39.15 E2.7535
G1 X8.237 Y38.74 E2.7655
G1 X7.65 Y37.571 E2.7981
G1 X7.5 Y37.203 E2.808
G1 X7.33 Y36.847 E2.8179
G1 X6.974 Y35.943 E2.8421
G1 X6.597 Y34.832 E2.8714
G1 X6.309 Y33.814 E2.8978
G1 X5.556 Y30.619 E2.9797
G1 X5.74 Y30.425 E2.9863
G1 X5.626 Y28.96 E3.023
G1 X5.639 Y28.472 E3.0351
G1 X5.138 Y28.365 E3.0479
G1 X6.13 Y23.738 E3.166
G1 X6.477 Y22.367 E3.2013
G1 X6.698 Y21.65 E3.22
G1 X7.206 Y20.257 E3.257
G1 X7.472 Y19.627 E3.274
G1 X8.148 Y18.231 E3.3127
G1 X8.354 Y17.856 E3.3234
G1 X7.191 Y16.838 E3.3619
G1 X11.615 Y12.197 E3.5219
G0 X11.897 Y12.48 F4800
G92 E0
G1 X12.263 Y12.132 E0.0126 F1800
G1 X16.497 Y8.436 E0.1528
G1 X17.392 Y9.532 E0.1881
G1 X17.863 Y9.288 E0.2013
G1 X19.105 Y8.719 E0.2354
G1 X19.905 Y8.401 E0.2569
G1 X20.405 Y8.241 E0.27
G1 X20.959 Y8.039 E0.2847
G1 X21.933 Y7.758 E0.31
G1 X22.826 Y7.544 E0.3329
G1 X27.029 Y6.642 E0.4401
G1 X27.118 Y7.06 E0.4508
G1 X27.35 Y7.054 E0.4566
G1 X27.619 Y7.061 E0.4633
G1 X27.728 Y6.549 E0.4763
G1 X32.801 Y7.757 E0.6064
G1 X33.702 Y8.014 E0.6298
G1 X34.879 Y8.418 E0.6608
G1 X35.681 Y8.738 E0.6824
G1 X36.882 Y9.29 E0.7153
G1 X37.544 Y9.634 E0.7339
G1 X38.786 Y10.363 E0.7699
G1 X39.288 Y10.692 E0.7848
G1 X39.873 Y11.099 E0.8026
G1 X40.924 Y11.909 E0.8357
G1 X41.567 Y12.46 E0.8568
G1 X42.256 Y13.102 E0.8803
G1 X42.756 Y13.603 E0.898
G1 X43.825 Y14.803 E0.9381
G1 X44.205 Y15.276 E0.9532
G1 X45.075 Y16.476 E0.9902
G1 X45.47 Y17.084 E1.0083
G1 X46.193 Y18.332 E1.0442
G1 X46.528 Y18.988 E1.0626
G1 X47.128 Y20.32 E1.0991
G1 X47.4 Y21.022 E1.1178
G1 X47.854 Y22.395 E1.1539
G1 X48.048 Y23.104 E1.1722
G1 X48.227 Y23.861 E1.1917
G1 X49.127 Y28.062 E1.2988
G1 X48.693 Y28.155 E1.3099
G1 X48.706 Y28.65 E1.3223
G1 X49.129 Y28.74 E1.3331
G1 X48.231 Y32.918 E1.4397
G1 X48.13 Y33.368 E1.4512
G1 X47.69 Y34.939 E1.4919
G1 X47.514 Y35.463 E1.5057
G1 X46.997 Y36.793 E1.5413
G1 X46.681 Y37.498 E1.5605
G1 X45.915 Y38.971 E1.602
G1 X45.635 Y39.447 E1.6157
G1 X44.724 Y40.829 E1.657
G1 X44.402 Y41.267 E1.6706
G1 X43.341 Y42.562 E1.7123
G1 X42.929 Y43.015 E1.7276
G1 X41.462 Y44.439 E1.7786
G1 X39.741 Y45.801 E1.8334
G1 X37.952 Y46.939 E1.8862
G1 X37.305 Y47.293 E1.9046
G1 X35.893 Y47.974 E1.9437
G1 X33.863 Y48.739 E1.9979
G1 X31.737 Y49.299 E2.0527
G1 X29.565 Y49.637 E2.1075
G1 X27.37 Y49.751 E2.1624
G1 X25.175 Y49.637 E2.2172
G1 X23.012 Y49.301 E2.2718
G1 X21.052 Y48.793 E2.3223
G1 X19.181 Y48.113 E2.372
G1 X18.681 Y47.897 E2.3855
G1 X17.283 Y47.212 E2.4244
G1 X16.731 Y46.905 E2.4401
G1 X15.494 Y46.137 E2.4765
G1 X14.867 Y45.701 E2.4955
G1 X13.816 Y44.891 E2.5286
G1 X13.162 Y44.33 E2.5501
G1 X12.285 Y43.503 E2.5802
G1 X11.689 Y42.884 E2.6016
G1 X10.886 Y41.963 E2.6321
G1 X10.259 Y41.164 E2.6574
G1 X9.986 Y40.758 E2.6696
G1 X9.665 Y40.327 E2.683
G1 X9.04 Y39.342 E2.7121
G1 X8.833 Y38.953 E2.7231
G1 X8.588 Y38.546 E2.735
G1 X8.014 Y37.405 E2.7668
G1 X7.866 Y37.041 E2.7766
G1 X7.697 Y36.687 E2.7864
G1 X7.35 Y35.805 E2.8101
G1 X6.979 Y34.713 E2.8388
G1 X6.697 Y33.713 E2.8648
G1 X5.995 Y30.737 E2.941
G1 X6.152 Y30.571 E2.9467
G1 X6.027 Y28.95 E2.9873
G1 X6.047 Y28.15 E3.0073
G1 X5.613 Y28.058 E3.0183
G1 X6.52 Y23.829 E3.1262
G1 X6.863 Y22.475 E3.1611
G1 X7.077 Y21.777 E3.1793
G1 X7.578 Y20.404 E3.2157
G1 X7.837 Y19.792 E3.2323
G1 X8.503 Y18.415 E3.2705
G1 X8.822 Y17.834 E3.287
G1 X8.862 Y17.77 E3.2889
G1 X7.769 Y16.812 E3.3251
G1 X11.897 Y12.48 E3.4744
G92 E0
G1 E-0.5 F1800
G0 X15.284 Y15.884 F4800
G1 E0 F1800
G92 E0
And here is some of the Kisslicer gcode:

Code: Select all

; KISSlicer - PRO
; Windows
; version
; Built: Jun 25 2013, 11:00:59
; Running on 8 cores
; Saved: Sun Apr 20 12:04:00 2014
; 'Bug Test KS 14420.gcode'
; *** Printer Settings ***
; printer_name = Creatr
; bed_STL_filename = 
; extension = gcode
; cost_per_hour = 0
; g_code_prefix = 473238203B20686F6D6520616C6C20617865730A
; g_code_warm = 3B2053656C6563742065787472756465722C207761726D
;     0A543C4558542B303E0A4D31303920533C54454D503E0A
; g_code_cool = 3B204465737472696E67202872657472616374290A4739
;     322045300A47312046313830302E30303020452D31352E3030303030
;     0A4739322045300A3B2047756172616E746565642073616D65206578
;     7472756465722C20636F6F6C696E6720646F776E0A4D31303420533C
;     54454D503E0A
; g_code_N_layers = 3B204D617962652072652D686F6D65205820262059
;     3F
; g_code_postfix = 4D313034205330203B207475726E206F66662074656
;     D70657261747572650A47323820583020203B20686F6D65205820617
;     869730A4D383420202020203B2064697361626C65206D6F746F7273
; post_process = NULL
; every_N_layers = 0
; num_extruders = 2
; firmware_type = 2
; add_comments = 1
; fan_on = M106
; fan_off = M107
; fan_pwm = 1
; add_m101_g10 = 0
; z_speed_mm_per_s = 5
; z_settle_mm = 0
; bed_size_x_mm = 230
; bed_size_y_mm = 270
; bed_size_z_mm = 200
; bed_offset_x_mm = 115
; bed_offset_y_mm = 135
; bed_offset_z_mm = 0
; bed_roughness_mm = 0.15
; travel_speed_mm_per_s = 130
; first_layer_speed_mm_per_s = 25
; dmax_per_layer_mm_per_s = 50
; xy_accel_mm_per_s_per_s = 750
; lo_speed_perim_mm_per_s = 12
; lo_speed_solid_mm_per_s = 12
; lo_speed_sparse_mm_per_s = 12
; hi_speed_perim_mm_per_s = 50
; hi_speed_solid_mm_per_s = 60
; hi_speed_sparse_mm_per_s = 60
; ext_gain_1 = 1
; ext_material_1 = 4
; ext_axis_1 = 0
; ext_gain_2 = 1
; ext_material_2 = 4
; ext_axis_2 = 0
; ext_gain_3 = 1
; ext_material_3 = 0
; ext_axis_3 = 0
; model_ext = 0
; support_ext = 0
; support_body_ext = 0
; raft_ext = 0
; solid_loop_overlap_fraction = 0.7
; *** Material Settings for Extruder 1 ***
; material_name = PLA Silver
; g_code_matl = 3B204D617962652073657420736F6D65206D6174657269
;     616C2D737065636966696320472D636F64653F
; fan_Z_mm = 1
; fan_loops_percent = 60
; fan_inside_percent = 0
; fan_cool_percent = 60
; temperature_C = 195
; keep_warm_C = 159
; first_layer_C = 205
; bed_C = 60
; sec_per_C_per_C = 0
; flow_min_mm3_per_s = 0.01
; flow_max_mm3_per_s = 10
; destring_suck = 1.25
; destring_prime = 1.25
; destring_min_mm = 0
; destring_trigger_mm = 100
; destring_speed_mm_per_s = 30
; Z_lift_mm = 0
; min_layer_time_s = 5
; wipe_mm = 10
; cost_per_cm3 = 0.022
; flowrate_tweak = 0.9
; fiber_dia_mm = 1.75
; color = 4055307264
; *** Material Settings for Extruder 2 ***
; material_name = PLA Silver
; g_code_matl = 3B204D617962652073657420736F6D65206D6174657269
;     616C2D737065636966696320472D636F64653F
; fan_Z_mm = 1
; fan_loops_percent = 60
; fan_inside_percent = 0
; fan_cool_percent = 60
; temperature_C = 195
; keep_warm_C = 159
; first_layer_C = 205
; bed_C = 60
; sec_per_C_per_C = 0
; flow_min_mm3_per_s = 0.01
; flow_max_mm3_per_s = 10
; destring_suck = 1.25
; destring_prime = 1.25
; destring_min_mm = 0
; destring_trigger_mm = 100
; destring_speed_mm_per_s = 30
; Z_lift_mm = 0
; min_layer_time_s = 5
; wipe_mm = 10
; cost_per_cm3 = 0.022
; flowrate_tweak = 0.9
; fiber_dia_mm = 1.75
; color = 4055307264
; *** Style Settings ***
; style_name = CreatR
; layer_thickness_mm = 0.15
; extrusion_width_mm = 0.4
; num_loops = 2
; skin_thickness_mm = 0.8
; infill_extrusion_width = 0.4
; infill_density_denominator = 1
; stacked_layers = 1
; use_destring = 1
; use_wipe = 1
; loops_insideout = 1
; infill_st_oct_rnd = 0
; inset_surface_xy_mm = 0
; seam_jitter_degrees = 0
; seam_depth_scaler = 1
; seam_angle_degrees = 45
; *** Support Settings ***
; support_name = sample support
; support_sheathe = 0
; support_density = 2
; support_inflate_mm = 0
; support_gap_mm = 0.5
; support_angle_deg = 15
; support_z_max_mm = -1
; sheathe_z_max_mm = -1
; raft_mode = 1
; prime_pillar_mode = 0
; raft_inflate_mm = 4
; *** Actual Slicing Settings As Used ***
; layer_thickness_mm = 0.15
; extrusion_width = 0.4
; num_ISOs = 2
; wall_thickness = 0.8
; infill_style = 2
; support_style = 2
; support_angle = 14.9
; destring_min_mm = 0
; stacked_infill_layers = 1
; raft_style = 1
; extra_raft_depth = 0.15
; oversample_res_mm = 0.1
; crowning_threshold_mm = 1
; loops_insideout = 1
; solid_loop_overlap_fraction = 0.7
; inflate_raft_mm = 4
; inflate_support_mm = 0
; model_support_gap_mm = 0.5
; infill_st_oct_rnd = 0
; support_Z_max_mm = 1e+020
; sheathe_Z_max_mm = 0
; inset_surface_xy_mm = 0
; seam_jitter_degrees = 0
; seam_depth_scaler = 1
; seam_angle_degrees = 45
; Speed vs Quality = 0.50
; Perimeter Speed = 31.00
; Solid Speed = 36.00
; Sparse Speed = 36.00
; *** G-code Prefix ***
G28 ; home all axes

; *** Main G-code ***
; Reset extruder pos
G92 E0
; *** Warming Extruder 1 to 205 C ***
; Select extruder, warm
M109 S205

G92 E0
; 'Skirt', 2.2 [feed mm/s], 25.0 [head mm/s]
G1 X46.92 Y41.17 Z0.3 E0 F7800
G1 E1.25 F1800
G1 X46.35 Y41.67 E1.3184 F1500
G1 X45.54 Y42.16 E1.4033
G1 X44.74 Y42.73 E1.4915
G1 X44.34 Y42.94 E1.5319
G1 X41.12 Y44.56 E1.8561
G1 X40.75 Y44.71 E1.8919
G1 X39.31 Y45.19 E2.0282
G1 X38.76 Y45.32 E2.0783
G1 X38.36 Y45.37 E2.1145
G1 X37.55 Y45.64 E2.1916
G1 X36.35 Y45.79 E2.3002
G1 X29.95 Y45.81 E2.875
G1 X29.19 Y45.75 E2.9431
G1 X28.71 Y45.65 E2.9869
G1 X27.97 Y45.4 E3.0575
G1 X27.13 Y45.26 E3.1336
G1 X26.35 Y44.98 E3.2087
G1 X25.56 Y44.75 E3.282
G1 X25.18 Y44.59 E3.3195
G1 X21.62 Y42.83 E3.6759
G1 X20.74 Y42.21 E3.7722
G1 X20.34 Y41.98 E3.8137
G1 X19.54 Y41.41 E3.9025
G1 X19.35 Y41.23 E3.9254
G1 X15.93 Y37.82 E4.359
G1 X15.43 Y37.25 E4.4275
G1 X14.94 Y36.44 E4.5123
G1 X14.38 Y35.68 E4.5972
G1 X12.76 Y32.45 E4.9219
G1 X12.56 Y32.05 E4.9621
G1 X12.39 Y31.65 E5.0011
G1 X11.91 Y30.21 E5.1374
G1 X11.78 Y29.66 E5.1874
G1 X11.73 Y29.26 E5.2237
G1 X11.46 Y28.45 E5.3008
G1 X11.31 Y27.25 E5.4094
G1 X11.29 Y20.85 E5.9841
G1 X11.35 Y20.09 E6.0523
G1 X11.45 Y19.61 E6.096
G1 X11.7 Y18.87 E6.1666
G1 X11.84 Y18.03 E6.2428
G1 X12.12 Y17.25 E6.3178
G1 X12.35 Y16.46 E6.3911
G1 X12.51 Y16.08 E6.4286
G1 X14.27 Y12.52 E6.785
G1 X14.87 Y11.63 E6.8813
G1 X15.03 Y10.8 E6.9572
G1 X15.32 Y10 E7.0333
G1 X15.76 Y9.24 E7.1127
G1 X16.27 Y8.65 E7.182
G1 X18.08 Y6.83 E7.4125
G1 X18.67 Y6.32 E7.4836
G1 X19.44 Y5.87 E7.5632
G1 X20.25 Y5.58 E7.6409
G1 X21.08 Y5.44 E7.7158
G1 X21.42 Y5.29 E7.7493
G1 X25.08 Y3.44 E8.1177
G1 X25.45 Y3.29 E8.1536
G1 X26.89 Y2.81 E8.2899
G1 X27.44 Y2.68 E8.34
G1 X27.84 Y2.63 E8.3762
G1 X28.65 Y2.36 E8.4533
G1 X29.85 Y2.21 E8.5619
G1 X36.25 Y2.19 E9.1367
G1 X37.01 Y2.25 E9.2048
G1 X37.49 Y2.35 E9.2486
G1 X38.23 Y2.6 E9.3192
G1 X39.07 Y2.74 E9.3953
G1 X39.85 Y3.02 E9.4704
G1 X40.64 Y3.25 E9.5437
G1 X41.02 Y3.41 E9.5812
G1 X44.58 Y5.17 E9.9376
G1 X45.46 Y5.79 E10.0339
G1 X45.86 Y6.02 E10.0754
G1 X46.63 Y6.56 E10.1599
G1 X49.47 Y9.38 E10.5193
G1 X50.43 Y10.34 E10.6416
G1 X50.78 Y10.77 E10.6916
G1 X51.26 Y11.56 E10.7742
G1 X51.83 Y12.36 E10.8624
G1 X52.04 Y12.76 E10.9028
G1 X53.66 Y15.98 E11.227
G1 X53.81 Y16.35 E11.2628
G1 X54.29 Y17.79 E11.3991
G1 X54.42 Y18.34 E11.4492
G1 X54.47 Y18.74 E11.4854
G1 X54.74 Y19.55 E11.5625
G1 X54.89 Y20.75 E11.6711
G1 X54.91 Y27.15 E12.2459
G1 X54.85 Y27.91 E12.314
G1 X54.75 Y28.39 E12.3578
G1 X54.5 Y29.13 E12.4284
G1 X54.36 Y29.97 E12.5045
G1 X54.08 Y30.75 E12.5796
G1 X53.85 Y31.54 E12.6529
G1 X53.69 Y31.92 E12.6904
G1 X51.93 Y35.48 E13.0468
G1 X51.31 Y36.36 E13.1431
G1 X51.08 Y36.76 E13.1846
G1 X50.51 Y37.56 E13.2734
G1 X49.73 Y38.36 E13.3732
G1 X48.75 Y39.33 E13.4969
G1 X48.33 Y39.66 E13.545
G1 X47.71 Y40.37 E13.6294
G1 X47.54 Y40.55 E13.6523
G1 X46.92 Y41.17 E13.7304
; 'Wipe (and De-string)', 0.0 [feed mm/s], 25.0 [head mm/s]
G1 E12.4804 F1800
G1 X46.35 Y41.67 E12.4804 F1500
G1 X45.54 Y42.16 E12.4804
G1 X44.74 Y42.73 E12.4804
G1 X44.34 Y42.94 E12.4804
G1 X41.12 Y44.56 E12.4804
G1 X40.75 Y44.71 E12.4804
G1 X39.31 Y45.19 E12.4804
G1 X38.76 Y45.32 E12.4804
G1 X38.36 Y45.37 E12.4804
G1 X38.01 Y45.49 E12.4804
; 'Support Interface', 1.4 [feed mm/s], 25.0 [head mm/s]
G1 X16.64 Y26.84 E12.4804 F7800
G1 E13.7304 F1800
G1 X15.51 Y26.84 E13.7938 F1500
; 'Support Interface', 1.4 [feed mm/s], 25.0 [head mm/s]
G1 X15.49 Y21.24 E13.7938 F7800
G1 X16.98 Y21.24 E13.8774 F1500
; 'Wipe (and De-string)', 0.0 [feed mm/s], 25.0 [head mm/s]
G1 E12.6274 F1800
G1 X15.49 Y21.24 E12.6274 F1500
; 'Support Interface', 1.4 [feed mm/s], 25.0 [head mm/s]
G1 X18.89 Y18.83 E12.6274 F7800
G1 E13.8774 F1800
G1 X24.17 Y18.82 E14.1741 F1500
G1 X24.27 Y18.51 E14.1923
G1 X24.57 Y18.02 E14.2245
G1 X18.96 Y18.03 E14.5391
G1 X19.33 Y17.23 E14.5885
G1 X25.38 Y17.22 E14.9282
G1 X26.17 Y16.42 E14.9915
G1 X19.75 Y16.43 E15.352
G1 X20.23 Y15.63 E15.4046
G1 X26.97 Y15.61 E15.7825
G1 X27.28 Y15.35 E15.8056
G1 X27.99 Y15.02 E15.8496
G1 X28.28 Y14.81 E15.8695
G1 X20.79 Y14.83 E16.2899
G1 X21.43 Y14.03 E16.3476
G1 X30.68 Y14.01 E16.8666
; 'Support Interface', 1.4 [feed mm/s], 25.0 [head mm/s]
G1 X31.64 Y11.6 E16.8666 F7800
G1 X31.11 Y11.6 E16.8966 F1500
G1 X30.96 Y10.8 E16.9422
G1 X31.29 Y10.8 E16.9609
G1 X31.51 Y10.27 E16.9935
G1 X31.68 Y10 E17.0111
G1 X30.79 Y10.01 E17.0613
G1 X30.62 Y9.21 E17.1072
G1 X35.58 Y9.19 E17.3859
G1 X35.75 Y8.39 E17.4318
G1 X30.45 Y8.41 E17.7296
G1 X30.28 Y7.61 E17.7755
G1 X35.92 Y7.59 E18.092
G1 X36.07 Y7.06 E18.1233
G1 X36.23 Y6.79 E18.1405
G1 X29.99 Y6.81 E18.4906
; 'Wipe (and De-string)', 0.0 [feed mm/s], 25.0 [head mm/s]
G1 E17.2406 F1800
G1 X36.23 Y6.79 E17.2406 F1500
G1 X36.07 Y7.06 E17.2406
G1 X35.92 Y7.59 E17.2406
G1 X33.02 Y7.6 E17.2406
; 'Support Interface', 1.4 [feed mm/s], 25.0 [head mm/s]
G1 X28 Y10.01 E17.2406 F7800
G1 E18.4906 F1800
G1 X26.78 Y10.01 E18.5592 F1500
G1 X26.12 Y10.33 E18.6003
G1 X25.24 Y10.82 E18.657
G1 X28.26 Y10.81 E18.8265
G1 X28.51 Y11.61 E18.8736
G1 X24.02 Y11.62 E19.1257
G1 X23.02 Y12.42 E19.1976
G1 X29.01 Y12.41 E19.5337
G1 X29.29 Y12.48 E19.5499
G1 X29.6 Y12.48 E19.5677
G1 X29.87 Y12.41 E19.5834
G1 X36.27 Y12.39 E19.9425
; 'Support Interface', 1.4 [feed mm/s], 25.0 [head mm/s]
G1 X35.48 Y13.99 E19.9425 F7800
G1 X44.72 Y13.97 E20.4616 F1500
G1 X45.37 Y14.77 E20.5192
G1 X37.88 Y14.79 E20.9397
G1 X38.16 Y14.99 E20.9591
G1 X38.88 Y15.33 E21.0037
G1 X39.2 Y15.59 E21.0267
G1 X45.93 Y15.57 E21.4047
G1 X46.42 Y16.37 E21.4573
G1 X39.99 Y16.38 E21.8179
G1 X40.79 Y17.18 E21.8813
G1 X46.85 Y17.17 E22.2211
G1 X47.22 Y17.97 E22.2705
G1 X41.61 Y17.98 E22.5851
G1 X41.91 Y18.47 E22.6175
G1 X42 Y18.78 E22.6354
G1 X47.5 Y18.77 E22.9438
; 'Support Interface', 1.4 [feed mm/s], 25.0 [head mm/s]
G1 X45.04 Y19.57 E22.9438 F7800
G1 X42.4 Y19.58 E23.0915 F1500
G1 X42.56 Y19.8 E23.1068
G1 X42.69 Y20.1 E23.1252
G1 X42.69 Y20.38 E23.1407
G1 X44.59 Y20.37 E23.247
G1 X44.8 Y21.17 E23.2935
G1 X43.09 Y21.18 E23.3897
G1 X43.13 Y21.7 E23.4193
G1 X43.21 Y21.98 E23.4354
G1 X50.7 Y21.96 E23.8555
G1 X50.7 Y22.76 E23.9004
G1 X47.27 Y22.77 E24.0931
G1 X47.4 Y23.04 E24.11
G1 X47.5 Y23.57 E24.1402
G1 X50.7 Y23.56 E24.3199
G1 X50.7 Y24.36 E24.3648
G1 X47.5 Y24.37 E24.5444
G1 X47.42 Y24.9 E24.5745
G1 X47.31 Y25.17 E24.591
G1 X50.7 Y25.16 E24.7815
G1 X50.7 Y25.96 E24.8264
G1 X43.22 Y25.98 E25.2466
G1 X43.38 Y25.76 E25.2618
G1 X43.5 Y25.45 E25.2803
G1 X43.5 Y25.18 E25.2957
G1 X45.22 Y25.17 E25.3922
G1 X45.14 Y24.89 E25.4085
G1 X45.12 Y24.37 E25.4377
G1 X43.5 Y24.38 E25.5288
G1 X43.5 Y23.58 E25.5737
G1 X45.12 Y23.57 E25.6647
G1 X45.15 Y23.04 E25.6947
G1 X45.25 Y22.77 E25.7107
G1 X43.5 Y22.78 E25.8093
; 'Support Interface', 1.4 [feed mm/s], 25.0 [head mm/s]
G1 X44.81 Y26.77 E25.8093 F7800
G1 X43.1 Y26.78 E25.9053 F1500
G1 X42.79 Y27.28 E25.9382
G1 X42.71 Y27.58 E25.9558
G1 X44.6 Y27.57 E26.0621
G1 X44.61 Y27.85 E26.0775
G1 X44.74 Y28.19 E26.0983
G1 X44.94 Y28.37 E26.1132
G1 X42.42 Y28.38 E26.2544
G1 X42.33 Y28.69 E26.2725
G1 X42.03 Y29.18 E26.3048
G1 X47.32 Y29.17 E26.6014
G1 X47.27 Y29.44 E26.6171
G1 X47.09 Y29.76 E26.6377
G1 X46.89 Y29.97 E26.654
G1 X41.62 Y29.98 E26.9496
G1 X40.83 Y30.78 E27.0129
G1 X46.09 Y30.77 E27.3081
G1 X45.29 Y31.57 E27.3718
G1 X40.02 Y31.58 E27.6671
G1 X39.23 Y32.39 E27.7304
G1 X44.48 Y32.37 E28.0252
G1 X43.68 Y33.18 E28.0888
G1 X37.92 Y33.19 E28.4123
; 'Support Interface', 1.4 [feed mm/s], 25.0 [head mm/s]
G1 X35.52 Y33.99 E28.4123 F7800
G1 X43.23 Y33.98 E28.8449 F1500
G1 X43.31 Y34.22 E28.8595
G1 X43.34 Y34.55 E28.8778
G1 X43.3 Y34.78 E28.8908
G1 X43.74 Y34.78 E28.9157
G1 X44.05 Y35.21 E28.9456
G1 X44.06 Y35.58 E28.9661
G1 X44.54 Y35.57 E28.9929
; 'Wipe (and De-string)', 0.0 [feed mm/s], 25.0 [head mm/s]
G1 E27.7429 F1800
G1 X44.06 Y35.58 E27.7429 F1500
G1 X44.05 Y35.21 E27.7429
G1 X43.74 Y34.78 E27.7429
G1 X43.3 Y34.78 E27.7429
G1 X43.34 Y34.55 E27.7429
G1 X43.31 Y34.22 E27.7429
G1 X43.23 Y33.98 E27.7429
G1 X35.86 Y33.99 E27.7429
; 'Support Interface', 1.4 [feed mm/s], 25.0 [head mm/s]
G1 X38.87 Y37.99 E27.7429 F7800
G1 E28.9929 F1800
G1 X38.2 Y37.99 E29.0308 F1500
G1 X37.69 Y36.39 E29.1249
G1 X40.48 Y36.38 E29.2811
G1 X39.67 Y37.19 E29.3448
G1 X37.95 Y37.19 E29.4418
; 'Wipe (and De-string)', 0.0 [feed mm/s], 25.0 [head mm/s]
G1 E28.1918 F1800
G1 X39.67 Y37.19 E28.1918 F1500
G1 X40.48 Y36.38 E28.1918
G1 X37.69 Y36.39 E28.1918
G1 X38.2 Y37.99 E28.1918
G1 X38.87 Y37.99 E28.1918
; 'Support Interface', 1.4 [feed mm/s], 25.0 [head mm/s]
G1 X35.41 Y37.99 E28.1918 F7800
G1 E29.4418 F1800
G1 X34.52 Y38 E29.4921 F1500
G1 X34.69 Y37.73 E29.5099
G1 X34.9 Y37.2 E29.5423
G1 X35.24 Y37.2 E29.5611
G1 X35.1 Y36.4 E29.6067
G1 X34.56 Y36.4 E29.6368
; 'Wipe (and De-string)', 0.0 [feed mm/s], 25.0 [head mm/s]
G1 E28.3868 F1800
G1 X35.1 Y36.4 E28.3868 F1500
G1 X35.24 Y37.2 E28.3868
G1 X34.9 Y37.2 E28.3868
G1 X34.69 Y37.73 E28.3868
G1 X34.52 Y38 E28.3868
G1 X35.41 Y37.99 E28.3868

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Re: Major bug, x-axis leaning to the right (positive)

Mon Apr 21, 2014 1:30 pm

@ festus440

As I said before, KISS is not using E92 E0 as it prints, just in the beginning.
Have you tried the sitting I suggested in the other post?

/Michael, Denmark

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Re: Major bug, x-axis leaning to the right (positive)

Mon Apr 21, 2014 1:34 pm

Sorry but I'm my case it does. It has them all through the file.
Here is a section from the middle of the Kisslicer file:

Code: Select all

G1 X42.33 Y35.54 E18.2831
G1 X42.33 Y35.41 E18.2831
G1 X42.33 Y35.41 Z3.6 E18.2831 F300
; Reset extruder pos
G92 E0
; 'Support (may Stack)', 0.8 [feed mm/s], 36.0 [head mm/s]
G1 X47.88 Y14.73 Z3.6 E0 F7800
G1 E1.25 F1800
G1 X47.88 Y14.1 E1.264 F2160

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Re: Major bug, x-axis leaning to the right (positive)

Mon Apr 21, 2014 1:58 pm

Do any of them use negative value for destring?
/Michael, Denmark

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Re: Major bug, x-axis leaning to the right (positive)

Mon Apr 21, 2014 2:01 pm

Is A and D the same settings or the same G-code?
/Michael, Denmark

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Re: Major bug, x-axis leaning to the right (positive)

Mon Apr 21, 2014 2:23 pm

For Part D I turned retraction back on, turned off the bed and cooler (plus disconnected it).
I then hit "prepare" and printed it.

For E and F, all I did was turn off retraction on part F, prepare, and print.

There are no negative values in either the Slic3r or the Kisslicer gcode anywhere except at the very beginning.

S3D has negative values all through it:

Code: Select all

G92 E0
G1 E-0.5 F1800
G0 X40.436 Y31.843 F4800
G1 E0 F1800
G92 E0
G1 X43.393 Y32.471 E0.0754 F1350
G1 X43.311 Y32.751 E0.0826
G1 X40.436 Y31.843 E0.1578
G92 E0
G1 E-0.5 F1800

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