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interesting little glitch

Wed Apr 02, 2014 8:56 pm

this is actually my own error but i dont think the software really should allow this to happen. ok i had 3 of the same models on the table, all with different processes. i set process 1 to part 1, process 2 to part 2 and process 3 i must have forgotten to change it and by default it was applied to all the models. i am printing these things and its printing #1 normally, #3 and #2 are getting printed twice....right on top of each other. so i am wondering why the hell my printer is extruding crazy amounts of plastic on 2 of the model and the nozzle is dragging really bad. it would print a layer with one process then come back and print the same layer again with the other process. i know, my fault, but there should be maybe some type of warning or alert box that pops up. there are boxes that pop up like this for many other items in s3d. this should be one. or perhaps in the preview when there are overlapping extrusions like that it could display in red or something like that. in 8 mos this is the first time i have ever made that mistake so it caught me by surprise.
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Re: interesting little glitch

Wed Apr 02, 2014 9:02 pm

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Re: interesting little glitch

Wed Apr 02, 2014 10:20 pm

+1. jimc, just to top you, I printed six block-puzzle pieces (six STLs imported) and, not understanding at the time how processes were applied, used six processes, one for each block. Not knowing to get to the "apply process to models..." thing, I just sliced it and did my usual preview (by LAYERS). What I didn't realize is that each of six processes was applied to each of six models. So take what jimc did and have each layer repeat SIX times in the same places without raising Z... And the first layer looked SO good, I walked away for 15 minutes --- came back to the second layer being printed about the fifth time.

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