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Temperature Setting Sent to Wrong Extruder

Fri Sep 29, 2017 11:09 pm

I'm making a dual-extrusion print on my Flashforge Creator Pro, using the dual-extrusion wizard in Simplify3D.

I have the Left Extruder set to 200°C for layer 1.
I have the Right Extruder set to 200°C for layer 1, then 58°C after layer 20.

When the print gets to layer twenty it drops the temp the requested 58°C But i does so on the Left Extruder ( the wrong side) even though the setting is setup for the Right Extruder.

I have chedked all the setting, it prints the right color/features for the assigned extruder, for some reason the Code to change temp is being sent to the wrong extruder.

Any ideas of what is casing this mix up?

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