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Bug: Build Volume does not update correctly

Sat Oct 07, 2017 8:13 pm

1. Start a new blank factory file.
2. Add a new process
3. Edit the process and uncheck "Update Machine Definitions" in the G-Code tab, click OK
4. in Tools>>Options, Machine tab set the built volume to 200x200x200 click OK
5. Save Factory File as "200 Tall"

6. Start a new blank factory file.
7. Add a new process.
8. Edit the proccess and check "Update Machine Definitions" in the G-Code tab
9. Set the build volume to 200x200x100
10. Save the factory File as "100 Tall"

11. Load the "200 Tall" factory file.
12. Expect the build volume to update and change to 200 tall.
13. manually set the Build volume to 200x200x200.
14. Now load "100 Tall" factory file.
15. Build volume changes.
16 Loading the 200 tall does not update the build volume.

Question: Why is the "build volume" part of a process? This drove me nuts for a while. The build volume kept getting reset to an odd size, because I was reusing a process that had "update machine definition" checked. Which then copied to a bunch of other factory files and different processes.
Having this part of the process just not make sense to me. When and why would you want the process to update the build volume? I would think this build volume should only belong to the Machine. And why is the Machine Profile part of a process? If you have a multi process Part which you wish to run on another machine you must go thru each process and change the machine for each process of that part. I would think outside the process you would choose a global "Machine profile" and the Processes would be separate. Changing between machines is rather confusing in my opinion.

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