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Temperatures reached, then promptly lost

Sat Oct 14, 2017 3:23 am

My printer reaches the bed and extruder temperatures set initially, but then as soon as the layer 1 starts the temperatures drop away from this to 220, 70 respectively.

The printer is a Davinci Duo 2.0A on stock firmware.

my starting gcode contains:

M140 S80
M104 S0 T0
M104 S245 T1
M109 S245 T1

And monitoring the printer, the extruder does reach 245C (the bed reaches 80C, though I know the command doesn't require it to wait for that temp to be reached).

But as soon as it hits those temperatures it starts the first layer, the temperature backs down to ~210C and stays this way for the print. The bed temp moves back to ~70C.

If I use the Machine Control to set T1 to 245, and the bed to 85 (for example), then it will up itself to those temps and maintain them properly throughout the print - but not with the generated code fed to the printer.

The Davinci's custom/native commands that S3D sends from the Machine Control Panel to set temperature are of the form:

DAVBEH_85 ; set bed temp to 85
DAVEX2_245 ; set extruder 2 (T1) temp to 245

The fix was adding the temperature settings into the Layer change scripts, but that gave a new problem - the Layer change doesn't pick up the variable values, it is only allowing explicitly set values.

I can add gcode commands with [bed2_temperature] and [extruder1_temperature] into the start script, and it will insert them properly.

M104 S[extruder1_temperature] T1
M140 S[bed2_temperature]

This substitutes proper values in the start script, but copied into the layer change and it does not. What am I missing?

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