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Blobs/Zits at Start of Perimeter

Thu Oct 19, 2017 4:07 pm

I'm experiencing significant blobs at the start of perimeters after retractions/movements over open spaces.


I've got a 3mm (2.85mm) direct drive extruder and have tried altering the retraction distance and speed but it doesn't improve the problem. I'm printing with 0.3mm layers, but have also tried 0.2mm and had the same results.

Using the extra restart distance does eradicate the blob issue, but then creates gaps in the print elsewhere where there was no blob issue to start with, it's not like I was dialling in an extreme distance, I was using -0.5mm.

How else could I try solving the problem? I could try less heat but I'm already at the bottom end of PLA recommended temperature (although I don't know how accurate the reported temperature is).

Edit: Just realised I can use variable print settings utilising extra restart distance only where I need to clean up blobs. Problem solved :D

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