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Simplify 3D Failure to Launch, Not Resonding

Tue Nov 14, 2017 1:43 pm

Simplify 3D Not Responding.PNG
Simplify 3D Not Responding
I recently bought Simplify 3D and love how it works compared to Makerbot Software.

However, After 5 days of use it just stopped working. It will no longer load and just says "Not Responding"
At the bottom of the page it says "Successfully parsed model with 7974 triangles" and the green progress bar is at about 99%
(Picture Attached) Windows 10, Intel i7, Nvidia 1070

Things I have tried:
Restart computer, including Hard Reset
Uninstalled Simplify 3D then Restarted computer
Reinstalled Simplify 3D (5 times)
Reinstalled on SSD, and HDD
Checked and Turned off Windows Firewall

Left the software up to 10 Hours
No new Printers, Drivers or Software installed except a C++ Automatic upgrade in Windows.
Obviously Internet is working

I have contacted customer Support with a Ticket but no response in 2 days.

Im at a bit of a loss as there is no Fail Log or other way to determine what is wrong.

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Re: Simplify 3D Failure to Launch, Not Resonding

Thu Dec 06, 2018 10:58 am

I have the same problem...
and I need some help


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