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[FIXED] UI offset in app

Has anybody run across this after installing the latest version on a windows 10 64bit machine? All the clickable areas and buttons of the UI are offset and the menu bar at the top is halfway cutoff. This means where the cursor is and where I'm clicking do not line up. Very frustrating.

I initially thought it was a resolution setting on my machine, which is a 4k screen, though after cycling through a couple lower resolution settings it appears to only get worse.
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Re: UI offset in app

Could be a driver issue. What graphics card do you have? What driver version do you have installed?
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Re: UI offset in app

same problem here with v4 , going to downgrade back to v3
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Re: UI offset in app

I had this one one of my old computers with a 5yr old graphics card/driver (really out of date, I know...). I emailed S3D support about it, and they were able to check the driver and then tell me what setting to use to fix it. So if you send them a message, they can probably help.
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Re: [FIXED] UI offset in app

I’m happy to let everyone know that this issue with the missing or covered up title bar should be resolved now in the latest 4.1.0 release. We have tested a multitude of different computers and setups to ensure this will work more automatically in the future. This was just one of many improvements to the software. All of which are detailed on our Release Notes page.

Thank you for your help reporting this issue!

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