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Graphics issue with 4.0.1

Sun Dec 17, 2017 5:39 pm

As mentioned in another thread, the graphics changes in 4.0.1 has some unfortunate side-effects, at least on my system.

This is only observed in the print preview, and it shows itself as very pronounced moiré-patterns when rotating the model. Using the Moon City model as an example (sliced at 0.2 mm layer height, 3 perimeter, 3 top and 3 bottom layers), here's how it looks in 4.0.1 in the side view:
And the same model and same view in 4.0.0:
My system is Win10 anniversary edition, Nvidia 388.13 drivers and a Geforce GTX 1050 ti graphics card.

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Re: Graphics issue with 4.0.1

Sun Dec 17, 2017 9:02 pm

same here .. not too big of a problem when you zoom in it looks ok, I'm more interested how it happened, what changed

win7 ultimate 64bit
1080 nvidia with 388.59 (worse drivers so far, crash 2-3 times per day :( )
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Re: Graphics issue with 4.0.1

Thu Jan 11, 2018 11:46 am

I am seeing this issue as well. Also, before slicing the model, while it is loaded into the GUI, if I click and hold the mouse on the model and move left/right to spin the model, the virtual build plate and model slowly climbs up the GUI's screen. This has never happened in previous versions. A couple dozen left/right back and forth spins on the model causes it to disappear off the top of the GUI screen. Very annoying when trying to manually place supports
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