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Re: Extruder acting like its on vacation after the perimeter.

Wed Jan 02, 2019 11:05 pm

I understand now how you can come to that conclusion based off only those two files. I failed to remember that the sample pool is only of 2 samples and in my defense, I have been battling this for months randomly which causes me to compulsively tear into the machine to rebuild the hot end making sure there are no clogs or issues with it. When that happens I of course reset all homes and find that I'll do a quick z-offset and let the UBL do the work for me.

With that said, z-offset is the same only for a few weeks to a month. Where, when I find the right z setting it will print just fine until one day the problem comes back.

Last night I included a picture of last nights print, but I failed to upload it somehow. I shall try again and you will see the randomness of it. This time with a z-offset of only -0.03. The print started left to right. Starting with the J and completing that.

Then moving on to, Jack, where you can see a pretty nice outline layer followed by the start of an infill and shortly after, the motor just stopped and I began to just hand feed it a little just to see what will happen when it needs to retract and move to a different spot. It came back from break and retracted! Started to fill in just a little around the 3 o'clock position and then stops again. Retracted again going down to the teeth filling that in, which just filled in with oozing plastic...(lunch time maybe?)

After jack was "done," it moved over to the right which is the start of a knob. So you can see it do a great inner and outer perimeter. Started a really nice infill, retracted to the 5 o'clock position and... took a union mandated break.

As far as trouble shooting this print with the factory file, I unfortunately let the frustration get to me and removed models from the build plate, closed up S3D, turned off the computer, and turned off the printer.

I would like to extend a token of gratitude and thank you for your time looking into my mess.

I feel compel to use this program since I forked over the $$$, but I can slice it in Slic3r just fine. I just keep forcing myself to use this and figure it out.
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Re: Extruder acting like its on vacation after the perimeter.

Thu Jan 03, 2019 2:24 pm

If slic3r is working fine but you feel compelled to use Simplify3D, why not compare the infill settings for both softwares? Perhaps the infill extrusion amount is less in S3D or the print speed is too high in S3D?

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