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Re: Ooze Shield Is Printed In Wrong Order

Sat Apr 02, 2016 5:11 pm

inventabuild wrote: Yes, I tried just two processes also and checked "Continuous printing - Layer by layer". Going into Prepare to Print! and viewing the tool path S3D does not cycle through the parts correctly if you look at enough layers. It will not continuously cycle correctly like the following illustration if Part1 and Part2 are both part of the same part (meaning a Dual Extrusion part):

PrimePillar1, Part1, PrimePillar2, Part2, PrimePillar1 Part1, PrimePillar2, Part2, etc,

S3D needs to fix this so the user can determine the order of parts to print.
I was confused by the printing of the ooze shield and prime pillar also. What I observed was:
T0 - Prime Pillar / Oooze Shield
T0 - Part layer 1
T1 - Prime Pillar / Ooze Shield
T1 - Part Layer 1
T1 - Part Layer 2
T0 - Prime Pillar / Ooze Shield
T0 - Part Layer 2
T0 - Part Layer 3

So S3D is smart enough to use the tool on consecutive layers, before switching tools and printing the prime pillar or ooze shield.

I haven't experimented much with the "Extra Restart Distance", but I believe a negative distance value (-.1 or -.2) will advance the new color which will prime the new color. In the this step, the old color would purge from the shared nozzle.

So I would use the prime pillar for purging, and the ooze shield to ensure the new color is printing consistently before the actual object.

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Re: Ooze Shield Is Printed In Wrong Order

Sat Apr 02, 2016 7:04 pm

Not sure what you are referring to. My original point is that the Ooze Shield print before the Layer Change gcode and it shouldn't do that.

Also, positive and negative "Extra Restart Distance" worsen the quality of my prints. I have my extruders dialed in very well.

In addition, the other point that was made is that S3D does not let you choose the order in which several different parts are printed (at least not if one of them is a dual extrusion part)

Thanks any way for trying to help.

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Re: Ooze Shield Is Printed In Wrong Order

Sun May 14, 2017 6:22 pm

TrevorPhilips wrote:So you are having two tools, or extruders, right?

You need just two processes, one for each extruder.
Now, on each process you must select the model you want for the tool AND the purge/waste model.
Pictures will tell you more:
Can you tell me what order you expect the models to print in and the benefits? I'm interest in trying this solution

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