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Overhangs and internal bridging

Sat Aug 19, 2017 1:29 am

Hey all,
I'm having some trouble with overhangs and bridging, maybe someone has some tips:

First, S3D does not seem to recognize printing a solid layer on top of infill as "bridging". This seems suboptimal, since all the same considerations that apply for external bridging applies when attempting to do it internally, too. Is this not done for some good reason or just not implemented? If you have a large part with low infill percentage, it really struggles putting the top layers on top of the infill.

The second question is about overhangs. It seems it would be helpful to apply the same considerations to overhangs as to bridging (ie, go slower, turn on fan). As I understand it, there's currently no provision for changing settings on overhangs, right? I'm printing nylon and I don't really want the fan on for most of the part to maximize interlayer adhesion. But I'm having trouble with the overhang edges curling up, even with dense supports under them. Any tips for things to try?

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