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Tool change problem

Thu Aug 24, 2017 5:51 pm

Hey there,

I need help with the simplify software by changing tools with a double extruder servo controlled .
I use the repetier firmware and put the following code to the firmware for tool change in configuration.h :

#define EXT1_SELECT_COMMANDS "M400\nM340 P0 S500 R600\nG4 P300"
#define EXT1_DESELECT_COMMANDS "M340 P0 S1500 R600\nG4 P300"
....the tool offset in x, y and z direction is defined also in firmware

I´m able to change the tools manualy with the control pannel of simplify and switch between T0 and T1. The printer does what he should do, including the z lift for both nozzels to compensate the servo stroke. (By the way...it works perfect with the repetier host software and slic3r so far in active printing).

But after slicing the model with simplify and start printintg - the printer changes the tool one way from T0 to T1 and finished the layer. But didn`t work reverse and didn´t lift z-axis to compensate the servo stroke. Result was scratching the bed with second tool...and break the nozzle...perfect beginning!

Maybe someone laughes his ass off and solution is easy, but I´m not a software engineer and need help at that point.
Thank´s in advance for your help - for further infos don´t hesitate to ask for...


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