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Innocuous slicer bug

Wed Aug 30, 2017 7:30 am

I have been using S3D for a few years now.
I've recently become aware of a slicer 'bug' that does not affect the final result, but does result in some difficulty printing objects.

Consider a surface with recessed text. The text, say, about 1mm deep, and not terribly big. Perhaps 1cm letter height (and again, z-depth 1mm).

If I represent text by "T" and a solid layer (no text) by "#' then the final few (uppermost) layers on the object are sliced thus (uppermost to the right):


See the two solid layers there just after the very first text-including layer? That lowest text layer is erroneous and should not be there. This is a consistent bug in S3D. It's a problem because if I represent sparse infill by "X" then you get an object like this...


That is, three solid layers on the bottom (OK) then a number of infill layers (OK), but then the fiddly text outline tries to print on the sparse infill, and of course it has nothing to stick to so it becomes a globby mess, and THEN there are two solid layers on top of that (OK) and then the text layers on top of that (OK).

The bug/error is that "too low" and isolated text layer below the two solid layers. Consistent bug, easy to reproduce with appropriate model.

Hope this makes sense!

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