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reversing direction on outline of small cylinder

How can I prevent the printer from reversing the direction while making a print of a small, hallow cylinder?

I'm using a Qidi Teach 1 which uses Makerbot instructions.

I'd like the printer to use corkscrew motion as in vase mode, but make a thicker wall.

Using the setting "merge all outlines into a single solid model" fixes the revercing problem, but it also makes a solid fill.

Is there a way to tell the the slicer to keep circling in the same dirction instead of revercing with every layer?

The revesing motion makes a seam effect.
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Re: reversing direction on outline of small cylinder

You can't use vase mode with more than a single outer perimeter. If you're trying to use it with a cylinder that has an inner and outer wall, it won't work.
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Re: reversing direction on outline of small cylinder

I know exactly what you mean.... If I print a 20x20x10 cube with 2 perimeters and 0% infill, 3 bottom, 3 top solid layers, the print head moves in one direction only while building the walls BUT if I use the exact same settings on a cylinder shaped model, then the print head reverses direction for each perimeter. Very frustrating as it usually leaves a visible seam vertically. Even worse is printing semi transparent filament which shows the seam much more pronounced. I am thinking there is a setting that causes this but have not figured out which one.
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Re: reversing direction on outline of small cylinder

The seam is caused by overextrusion and you can avoid it when using Layer Use Random Startpoints instead Optimize Start Points.
BUT this seam are only the start points in vertical line and otherwise you only spread the beginning of a perimeter to a different place. Than there will be a bobble. The regulation of the extrusion is very importend.

Also try out first to avoid overextrusion, set Restart Distances and Lift to zero , check on Coast and Wipe and finerly you can check ON the box Advanced Only Retract when ...

I have testet with the preview of a cylinder with 2 perimeters. In all cases the printhead was shown anticlockwise, only when Random Start point was working, the printhead was also going backwards but for printing it moves always anticlockwise.

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Re: reversing direction on outline of small cylinder

If you have a cylinder and you want to print all outlines in the same direction, then just go to the Advanced tab, enable the "merge all outlines into a single solid model option", and then choose exactly how many perimeter outlines you want to print on the Layer tab. Now you will get exactly that many outlines which are all printed in the same direction.

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