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Sequential printing on single model

Fri Mar 30, 2018 6:37 am


I am printing a large rectangular flat piece. I can print it as it, but one of it features raises a question about sequential processes.

The object is about 250mm x 250mm in XY and only about 5mm Z over the model. However, at each corner there is a tab that is about 15mm in Z. Conceptually, you can think of the shape as an upside-down table with very short legs. Incidentally, this arrangement is also similar to some 'stringing' test models - but I'm not testing stringing.

You will probably already know where I am going with this. Once the lower part of the model (first 5mm Z) completed, the print head is going to start doing a lot of travelling as it jumps between each corner. Each corner is suffiently far away from each other that - if it were separate models - I would use sequential printing with multiple processes. However this is only a single model.

I am familiar with the variable settings wizard which will allow me to split process according to z-height, which is at least part of what I want.

So what I am looking for is:

1. process that will print up to 5mm Z
2. process that starts at 5mm Z in XY location A
3. process that starts at 5mm Z in XY location B
4. process that starts at 5mm Z in XY location C
5. process that starts at 5mm Z in XY location D

Now I am thinking that to do this with s3d, I would need to carve up the model so that the software can identify each location, but this is not a pretty solution and frankly overkill for this particular model. I can just let it print as is.

I guess what would be required, is some facility for defining regions in the XY planes on a single model.

This might be the basis for a feature request (which may already exist - I haven't looked) or I may be missing something in the software.

Any advice on this would be appreciated

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