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Filter for communication

That should be useful to have filter for communication log, filter for especially M105 command.
(Octoprint have this feature)
That help to mask no relevant dialog, when you are waiting for a reply from a command ( like G29 for Autobed).
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Re: Filter for communication

You can turn off the verbose checkbox and then it doesn't show things like M105 responses
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Re: Filter for communication

I have tried but there is a lot of information missing with verbose unchecked, not only M105. With G29 command main useful informations are missing.
I have tried with M48 X50 Y50 V4 ( repetitive test for autobed probe on Marlin firmware).
Samething don't get any information with verbose unchecked.
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Command filter for communication panel

With the "Verbose" option checked, the constant updates of the temperature requests (M105) flood the log. Without Verbose, I can't see the responses from the microcontroller. A simple filter option (like Repetier has) to remove the temp requests would help a lot. Even better would be a customizable filter, allowing you to specify which commands to hide.
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Re: Command filter for communication panel

Agreed, the communication log is mostly useless. If S3d would just stop sending M105 all the time, then it would be somewhat useful.
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Re: Filter for communication

Anything new about this? It is really pain in my .ss this spamming of M105. Will Simplify3D do anything about that? Filter or something like that? Or maybe just the option to stop automatic scrolling to new spam and letting us to read the log where we want?

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