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"Clone Part" not just "Duplicate"

Tue Feb 12, 2019 1:56 pm

This feature request would take a ton of work. But reduce the number of issues arrived with Duplicating a part.
First start off with a single part and process it and you are happy with it.
Now take said such part and duplicated it and proccess it again. still not bad but there are some minor differences here and there.
Now you need to rotate the part for some nesting reasons lets say. Now things begin to break down. Infill which was at 45 is now 0 relative to the part.
Now if there was a Clone Part option it would basically be saying slice and orientate and translate the original g-code off the parent part to the new child position and rotation. Basically this what a software does now called insight. The actually tool paths are just moved to the new location and you do get a real clone of the part with the same infill pattern and direction... basically a real clone of the part.
Now I guess you could say just duplicate all your process and adjust all the angles of the infill and external fill pattern. Yes you could do this and it gets complicated fast. The copy is not really a duplicated right now. I do run into problems sometimes. Looking for a better way to get real clones of the parts. For things like gears I put the start point near the center so the start is always inside the trough of a gear tooth and never on the tip. If I copy the gear now I have to create a new process and adjust the new copy process to be in the center of the new gear. Oh and don't forget you now have to assign each gear to its own process. Now you need to make 16 gears! well have fun! Think you get the point.

So this clone item would be an item you can't assign a process to it is more a place holder for where the g-code will be translated to. It would show maybe as different color in the Model list. would need support for grouped models items aswell. Think this could be a useful and great improvement over the current copy method now. Any change made to the original Parent Model would automatically be applied to all the cloned children.

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Re: "Clone Part" not just "Duplicate"

Wed Feb 13, 2019 4:32 pm

Fantastic idea! Sequential printing would become increasingly powerful with this type of cloning. I'll keep an eye on this thread for other users with interest.
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Re: "Clone Part" not just "Duplicate"

Wed Feb 13, 2019 4:37 pm

+1 I would defiantly be able to use a feature like this especially when I make 7-12 of the same parts at the same time

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Re: "Clone Part" not just "Duplicate"

Wed Feb 20, 2019 4:38 am

+1 !

S3D needs a global optimization for the multi-part printing. For me the "clone" function has to be improved with a dialogue box which asks if we want :

- to duplicate or clone the process like @gearsawe has asked

- to link or not the new processes at each part, to make sequential printing easier (viewtopic.php?f=23&t=12692)

- to group processes or not . Also a color cwarning of values to clearly show if some parameters are not linked could be useful

- to choose the placement model strategy, X, Y or in some standard pattern (as discussed in this post viewtopic.php?f=23&t=11970&p=46886#p46886).

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Re: "Clone Part" not just "Duplicate"

Wed Feb 20, 2019 9:54 am

Yeah this is a fantastic idea. It would partly address my desire for relative start points, too as I could set up one model exactly as I want it and then clone the piece (though I think relative start positioning is best here).

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