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Monoprice Voxel profile

Tue Jan 15, 2019 11:11 pm

Hi, I have a Monoprice Voxel, and per S3D support there is no Voxel profile, but I could use the FlashForge Adventurer 3 profile.

I sliced a model using the FlashForge Adventurer 3 profile, saved the .gcode file.
The Voxel would not read the .gcode file from the USB stick, I renamed it to .gx, and it saw it.
Printing started, but the printer did not wait for the extruder to heat up, the head was printing too low scratching the build plate, print time estimate was more than 10 days.
Clearly not right.

Any ideas how to slice for the Voxel?

I am really not very happy with the Voxel (see ... ter-setup/), but I want to at least try getting S3D working before I give up.

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Re: Monoprice Voxel profile

Sat Mar 09, 2019 2:57 pm

Also: My main workflow is:

Fusion/Sketchup --obj--> Windows 10 Builder --3mf--> FlashPrint --gx-->

I save S3D for the heavy lifting of tuning the Hyper prints.

Sketchup: I love it for the Tape Measure feature for placing guide-lines, it fits with how I was taught to do technical drawing. There are several great pieces of functionality such as the hidden feature where if you rotate an object and then type x3 it'll replace one rotation with 3...
Fusion: From a beginner/learning perspective, this is a really nasty piece of software that you would almost expect to be developed by Adobe. There's no ruler or tape measure, but you can replicate what most people by making a sketch and selecting "construction" before placing lines/boxes etc.

.obj: My current leaning merely because I think I get less issues with obj files vs stl, but I'll have to re-evaluate this as I gain confidence.

Windows 10 Builder: What now? Microsoft added various 3D-print related things, and Windows 10 Builder is the Paint of 3D printing software, but in the good way. It's maddeningly intuitive to the extent that you will second guess the crap out of yourself ("I'd do this, but there's no way it would work like that, so how the hell do I do it? .. <2hrs later> Fine. what happens if I drag this there, oh wait, it does exactly what I wanted by default?")

But mostly: it automatically fixes all the issues I have with Sketchup stl and obj files on loading. Just be aware that, instead of a dialog, it turns the toolbar ribbon into a prompt for what measurement units you want to use for the model when you load one. Until you click the tick or cancel for that, it seems totally useless.

Yes, there's a "simplify" option, which is to Simplify 3D what notepad is to photoshop. There's also a smooth option, which is to smoothing what "delete file" is to printing.

3mf: Builder writes obj and stl files perfectly well, but it really wants to write 3mf files because - I dunno - because Microsoft. BUT: I've so far found that FlashPrint likes the 3mf files best. I've tried a couple of simple prints that didn't need fixes saved as STL and OBJ and then converted to 3MF by builder, and then reprinted them as 3D builder saved STL and OBJ files, and out of all the prints the 3MF ones had the least anomalies.

FlashPrint: It's not the worst. It has interesting support generation, but so far I'm finding that the support it generates is guaranteed to give you messy faces or blocked openings. I suspect this is down to a lack of tweaking.

It also seems to lack a LOT of features I suspect Cura etc have. People talk about things like "without cooling" for the first bed. What now?

I'm pretty sure that whoever wrote FlashPrint was hoping to become a software engineer one day.

Finally: Am I the only one who noticed that the Voxel's firmware has the word "Extruder" misspelled throughout, as "Exturder"?

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Re: Monoprice Voxel profile

Sat Mar 09, 2019 3:58 pm

I guess I missed the connecting piece of info: That's my *current* workflow. All those extra options that let you tweak/tune your prints is where Simplify comes in, because you don't get any of that in FlashPrint. So far, the baseline Adventurer 3 profile in S3D has been a great base for me to work from.

FlashPrint is great for some of the initial test prints, S3D is where you turn it from an ok prototype to a useful part :)

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