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Smarter Raft and Support

At this moment, if you have supports added to a piece and a raft, the supports are also lifted of the raft.
It would be very beneficial for me to be able to lift the piece off the raft, but have the supports really stuck to the raft.
This is helpful for printing small detailed pieces, with or without PVA as support
detailed picture of what i mean
detailed picture of what i mean
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Re: Smarter Raft and Support

Great idea! I've documented this for our development team to review. I'll keep an eye on your thread for more user interest.
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Re: Smarter Raft and Support

+1, this is a good idea. There's really no need for the supports to release easily from the raft, and this should be rather easy to implement as well.
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Re: Smarter Raft and Support

+1 I know this is old but it is a great idea!

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